Let’s get retarded!

You know the drill. I say something and I contradict myself. Why? Because I have a Goddess complex and as such I’m allowed to do that. I know I said its stupid to pay more during the holiday season for things just because it is the holiday season. BUT…

Dr.Jups says to herself, “I have some good news and some bad news”

Dr. Jups: Which one would you like to hear first?
Jups: Err…the bad news and give it to me straight.
Dr. Jups: There is a good chance you will be unemployed in the new year.
Jups: And what’s the good news?
Dr. Jups: You’re going to Hong Kong for the new year!


I’m flying out on the 30th to meet my dearest flatmate Casablanca (oh you didn’t know that?)and I shall ring in the new year with her and some new toy boys. ssssaweeeetttuuhh

So if you’re in Hong Kong, I suggest you mark your calendar and come and get piss-slosh-slammed with me. We ladies gonna put on our best party clothes and we gonna partayy like the Hilton sisters (minus the VD)

Lan Kwai Fong- Here we come!

Its not everyday that opportunity knocks on your door. And its certainly not everyday that the sheer hotness that is the Jupiter visits your country.

Happy 2006. And may you all be employed and fertile.



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