Ladies and gentlemen, The Jups, she blogs live from the vibrant and fashionable Causeway Bay at Hong Kong!

She landed at noon, took the swanky airport express to Hong Kong island, to be greeted by Casablanca whom she hadn’t seen in a good long while! And yes, they had lunch and hit the grandiose Times Square mall.

Ahem. To cut a long story short, a LOT of money was spent on the seasons trends, which in case you didn’t know, include renaissance, ribbons and wedges.

You can hereby hate me for owning a cute-as-a-button pair of Morgan boots. Clothes, lingerie, bags… goddamn it.. everything is on sale!

And people, the margheritas here are wayyyyyy better than the sugary backwash you get in Sg. I, for one, had my first Duranzo? (peach) margherita. And it was some good stuff!

The night scene is pretty happening, a bit frustrating at times because every other white guy is trying to get him some, albeit misguidedly by groping, pinching, grabbing or rubbing against you. But every other other guy isn’t terribly bad either. We found many nice blokes just looking to party, and partayyy we did.

Today, I wake up at 1 a.m. How every untouristy of me! Bad Jupiter!

To three more days of non-stop shopping, eating and drinking!


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