My humps

The damages are in. I have spent obscene amounts of money on my credit card. Is it any wonder that they have given me a platinum when my salary doesn’t so much as qualify me for a frikking classic charge card? It isn’t.

Because this little piggy went to Hong Kong.
This little piggy had free accomodation.
This little piggy still managed to spend a scandalous grand total of $1500.

In four days.

How is it possible? Well, you see, (and mind you this is gonna read like a guided tour for the spendthrift retail ho) there is this place called Times Square. And it beckons with its swanky swankiness. Times Square is a collossal mall in the heart of Hong Kong island. And I stayed LITERALLY one little street across from it. Or should I say I slept there, because I pretty much stayed in Times Square.
The Mangos, Zaras, Morgans are all competing. But this ain’t no race, baby. Because they all won. And my wallet lost what my wardrobe gained.

And then there was Fiorucci…what can I say? Sigh…Italian leather shoes and bags..Gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams. Its true what they say about Italian leather…its all true.

But anyway, I didn’t buy any shoes there (anticlimax, I know), because Casa literally peeled me away. It was only my first day in HK. In my first one hour, I had already bagged so much.
With great (spending) power comes great responsibility.

Of course no visit to Hong Kong is complete without loading up on the cash and heading out to the Esprit Factory Outlet. Yeah, you heard me right. Boys and girls, this is THE place to shop. Even current season’s offerings go on anything from 30% to 70% off. (Its on Hankow road and you’re welcome). So that was one trip that simply had to be made.

And then there are the extremely cute street markets, be it Stanley market on the island or Ladies market on Kowloon. Its just a treat to find so many different things.
From kinky sex toys strapped onto underwear (very ewww..and you’ll have to see it to believe it) to brocade clutches to venetian glass bead jewellery (this is a must-buy) to fake merchandise. Needless to say, I scored some pretty fabulous pieces-de-resistance (yeah! plural!) But then again, the same applies to Thailand.

Chinese New Year is almost here, and I did plan to go to Krabi, but the airlines have all run out on me. So that’s one little wait-and-watch.

Word of advice: If you see something you like, BUY IT. Don’t wait! Casa and I learnt this the hard way.

Note to self: Grow your own vegetables and replace lattes with tap water for a year to save for next trip to Hong Kong. And by next trip to Hong Kong, I mean pair of pumps from Fiorucci.


8 thoughts on “My humps

  1. hahahhaa…GOD, WOMAN!!!! YOU REALLY DID SPEND A HELL LOTTA MONEY!! But what the hell…like u said, If u see smt u like, BUY IT!!! And i am also a true believer of that!!! Yeah!!! Cant wait for the day i earn enough to spend that much!!! Good luck with replacing those lattes with water though. Not gonna work, im telling ya! :p

  2. Medha, yeah seriously. At least some things are up for sale, if you get my drift ;-)I know it won’t work. But I read somewhere that its really a lot of money we working gals spend on the “posh lattes” as they call it.Something to think about.

  3. Ummmm… I take full credit for not letting that 1500 figure reach 2000. You’re welcome :pAnd guess what? I am still living in the midst of all this temptation!!!!!!! Dyymmmmmeattt!PS: Morgan’s cute sweaters with fur collars going for 300! How can I resist? 😉

  4. Full credit it seems! How about taking full responsibility for taking me to Times Square in the first place?!Tsk tsk! What has the world come to!And you totally have to buy the sweaters… (oh i go again)=)

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