God help the outcasts

The news, and how it reeks of rampant stupidity and apathy.

Thai fisherman raped and killed a young British tourist. And she could have been any of us. They pleaded guilty to avoid the death sentence and looked pretty smug to me. I say castrate the mo-fos and let them die slow, painful deaths.

Roughly 400 killed and several injured at a stampede at Haj. Pilgrimage or one-way ticket out of life? Either way you find your route to God. It isn’t ironic, just plain sad.

Yet another country (re)starts its nuclear program and the bully nations just can’t digest it. Walk your talks, honeys, after you!

Turkey and the chicken disease…I know its wrong, but it is funny!


5 thoughts on “God help the outcasts

  1. Some things never change in this world. About the rape, it didn’t surprise me they escaped the death sentence. Every system is soaked in corruption and there is no room for fair judgment.

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