Let’s talk about stereotypes. Because it’s bothering me. It’s bothering me because I hate sexual discrimination. And sexual discrimination stems from stereotypical prejudices against women.

Why now? Why, you ask? Because someone close to me passed a completely shameless, misguided judgement about me.

See I don’t know where to fit in. And that’s fine. I’ve been going back and forth from one stereotype to another.

Allow me to elaborate.

I was a bright student. (Understatement)
I started wearing glasses when I turned 14. (Nerd jokes start)
Topped the school. Thought it was no big deal. I was a nerd after all.

Gave up glasses at age 16. Went to a severely geeky junior college, wore high heels to there. Got labelled as a bimbo airhead, a “brainless beauty”, as they bluntly put it. Topped the state in two subjects. Not bad, I thought.

Got admitted to an ivy league college I couldn’t afford. Went to Singapore instead. Got labelled as the airhead nutcase with State Education (State Ed isn’t good enough?!)
Started getting good grades, and people said I was a geek and that I studied too much. I attended 90% of my lectures, slept in 80% of them and danced in my spare time.
Graduated in top merit, got a decent job (which I hate now). Still I endured rumours about how I got the job only because of my gender/physical attributes.

So anyway, I tried to lay low for a while. I thought it would be great to work in a simple easy-going job for a while after having struggled through the toughest specialisation and what not. I’ve been having fun, enjoying the weekends sans studies and generally been letting it all hang out.

The loans are getting paid and the shoes are being bought. The books are being read for leisure and the coffee that kept me awake at 3am while struggling with that one last question now keeps me awake at 9am (even though, technically I should be awake at 9am).

Of course then predictably I got frustrated with the lack of challenge at work and in life. And then unwanted stress kicks in. So yes, I waited awhile, I relaxed awhile to push myself towards the grind. And I think it has worked.

And what does this have to do with stereotyping? After all these years, once again, someone close to me said straight to my face,
“You can’t think for yourself outside of bags and shoes”

Wow. That one hurt.

But then I thought about it long enough and I am just amused. Bemused, if you will. I am thoroughly amused at how men find it so hard to accept who we are and what we are without attaching a label to each one of us .

This one is a bimbo. That one is a geek. That one is loose. This one is uptight.

Like there is nothing in between and hell will freeze over if a girl with moderate intelligence wears shoes and earrings that coordinate! OH NO! Say it ain’t so! That would shake the foundation of human society now, wouldn’t it?

Fuck that shit, men. There are plenty of smart, intelligent, fashionable, independent women out there who defy your stupid stereotypes. And for most part, we give a flying fuck about your immature judgements.
I have seen plenty of trailblazers myself. I’ve seen “bimboes” with talent. I’ve seen the uptight ones elope. I’ve seen the materialistic ones give it all up for love. I’ve seen dunces turn into dentists. I am not saying every woman is a jane-of-all trades. There will always be some that cater to the stereotype, but there will be plenty who don’t.

So take us out to dinner. We won’t go Dutch. But at least you’ll learn a thing or two.


25 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Someone HAD to say this, and I’m glad you did! Why cant women have brains, and still make an attempt to look good? And the worst thing is, apart from men stereotyping us, we have loads of WOMEN stereotyping us! Loads of ‘smart’ women who very easily decide that we must be bimbos, because hey, they are smart, and they look like slobs. So how dare you find time to look good?

  2. Ladies, i abso-bloody-lutely agree with ya both!But i hafta say, i have met more women than men who just cant digest the fact that pretty girls (well dressed, well-groomed girls) actually can be brainy, intelligent, sensible, etecetra!Its like when i used to tell people that im an engineer and gawd, the kind of reaction i used to get!!! Like as if ALL female engineers have to wear glasses,have a messed up hairdo, wear knee length shirts & baggy pants and have at least fiftty books in their hands. Well then say HELLO to an engineer who wears designer clothes and shoes, uses expensive cosmetics, carries expensive bags and errr EXCUSE-ME, has a brain too!!!!

  3. I hear u, woman!!!Why is it that women engineers get snickers behind their backs if they wear makeup…. What, just coz we do math, we arent supposed to look in a mirror?!

  4. Medha,Curly- Exactomundo! What baffles me is that people you know, people who know you also can’t deal with it.Burf- HmmmClint- Who said so? Hello, my observations are purely factual, based on actual remarks from actual men. Ahem.Con- No I don’t know. Explain.

  5. Hmm very interesting but I have to agree with Clint on this one. :-)Medha : Engineer who wears makeup???? where??? Show me too!! I couldnt spot one for 4 bloody years! :-(And for all females – there is nothing more turning on than an intelligent woman who knows how to use her wit!

  6. Hmm .. would be interesting to meet ya! Haha!A species which have been elusive all through my Enginnering days. Oh we would have killed to meet a ‘woman’ then. All I had in my class of 78 were 7 non-males.:-(

  7. Saurabh- Jups= Another Engineer who wears make-up and parties like its Woodstock everyday.Interesting, I went to a junior college with 80 non-females!:P I am sick of that comment from guys :PNaveen- Thanks! I guess you could stop caring, sigh…Con- Errr. Duh…like I didn’t get it the first time. Bloody good joke, mate!

  8. i sort of know how you feel. no matter where i go people try to stick labels to my forehead!rich kidfattynerdsnobparty freakbimboslackergay boyweirdoslackerthey aren’t stick and stones

  9. “You can’t think for yourself outside of bags and shoes”glad to know that…how abt the ten different shades of mascara…:))..sweetheart..u know i love u for all that and beyond..

  10. strange are these times…when a loved one becomes a stranger…Arz haiek lamhe mein unhone hamari zindagi sawar diek lamhe mein unhone hamari zindagi ujjad dikasoor unka nahin, kasoor hamara hi thaDo lamho mein humnen saari jindagi gujjar di

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