Always on my mind

For the first time in a long time, I can feel my tears when a really romantic song plays. After so many eons, I’m listening to Daniel Bedingfield and rooting for the love that makes you “feel like a song without its words” or “a child who’s lost his way”.

For the first time in a long time, I am rooting for chick flicks. Did you see “In her Shoes”?
I know I gasped at the risotto. I’d like to believe there are men out there who will pop the question with plateful of arborio rice and a gorgeous diamond ring wrapped around a golden brown prawn.

You know you’re messed up if you’re listening to love songs on loop.
You know you’re messed up if you can’t stop thinking about those black suede shoes.
Tomorrow, I’m buying them. I know I promised myself I wouldn’t. But I will.

Nothing further, your honour. Thou shalt not judge.


14 thoughts on “Always on my mind

  1. Okay, i wasnt much of a fan of the way he proposed in ‘In her shoes’… but well, at least its better than the bf proposing via sms or email! SOME MEN.. pppffftt!Anyways, you’re not messed up babes. No, you’re not!! Reallyy!! Ok who am i kidding.. Hell yeah you are messed up!!!!’re just going through a phase! Yeah, shop lotss!! I know and you know that it helps tremendously! 😉

  2. Love songs!! You!!!OMG whats this world coming to.Never pegged you as the love songs on the loop kinda gal :-)esp. after being in awe of your taste in music. *thinking to one’s self* Every one succumbs to them one time or another. Another one bites the dust! :-)So Smitten Jups, what be the play list you listening to?’Black suede shoes’ *mentally ticks off a counter*:-)

  3. BTW if I were to ever ask ‘the’ question I’d do it in a boat at midnight, in the middle of a lake, on a full moon night and perhaps tread the line used by Mr. Gere in ‘Runaway Bride’.Thats the traditional way… I wonder what I’d do if I were to use the surprise element.Medha : Asked you out over the phone/sms?????? Pls shoot the guy on my behalf… how lame! Hope you declined!!

  4. Saurabh, what can i are fools! You gotta forgive and forget! :pAnd no, i dint shoot him neither did i decline. Lame i know, but I’m sure the finale would be a grand one!! 😉

  5. Saurabh,Love songs aren’t that bad! Esp Boyzone. *sniggers*awesome taste in music? Thanks!Medha- No way!!!Proposals-wise, Im all for the prawn risotto..Im a real gourmand, great food and great love go hand in hand.or there is this other movie I saw (can’t remember).. the girl keeps unwrapping this HUMUNGOUS present in layers until she finds the tiniest little box with the ring in it. That was cute.

  6. Hmmm… Medha! I am a little confused here. The ‘Grand Finale’??Women and their lingo!!Jups – Well boyzone does have a way of getting to one’s heart. *hides*I saw some paper dance fotos. Did I see Jups in them? Did I?

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