Pick up the phone

Its a loooooong weekend ahead… for most of us.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…
Strike off Tuesday because I will working. In an office where I will be the only living soul. I’m going to be creeped out big time.

But yes three days, again. Due to not-so-unforeseen circumstances, I will not be spending Chinese New Year in Krabi. Shed a little tear for me.

However, 2006 does offer prospects of spending my birthday in Dubai. And let’s not forget that with the vast seas of sand, hot arab men, awesome arab food and crazy shopping, everyday would be a birthday in Dubai! *fingers crossed*

But its gonna be a busy weekend…

1. Get rid of old clothes
2. Study a lot, I am so kicked about this!
3. Watch a lot of movies (Conflict of interest with #2)
4. Do at least one activity that burns calories, (for the love of God, please!)
5. Learn to write Excel macros
6. Get organised!
7. Recover from the torture of too many allergies, breakouts, half-baked fevers, colds, coughs by actually seeking a doctor. (like DUH)

Right now, I’m figuring out how to get rid of this ear-splitting headache I have! ARGHHHHHH

and its only Wednesday…tsk tsk..


11 thoughts on “Pick up the phone

  1. Well I shall celebrate the Chinese New year for you over this weekend which begins tomorrow for me.I’m off to Goa for a whole 4 days. A driving holiday this I shall enjoy the sights even more this time. What with no New Year celebs and crowds the beaches shall be more pristine and uncluttered. Anything in particular you want snapped or had.(Dont say Feni, I hate the stuff!! I will though have a truckload of Goan delicacies and not forget Bebincas)Dubai! When eh? There’s the Dubai shopping festival going on right now… thought you should be there.

  2. okok jups lets look at the things that u WONT be doing no.6 – get organised aaaand im thinking….no.4 :Ppop a couple of panadols woman..headaches dont cure themselves..they just get worse!

  3. Excel Macros? Dude, I just got done hanging out with some arab guys. Macros are not going to get you lucky. All they can say is, “sorry, we don’t speak english,” with a decidedly texan twang. the headache, you should meditate it away.

  4. Saurabh- spot on! But the festival has been postponed to Feb-March. But no, don’t think Ill go that soon.Burf- No mate, Im an engineer but not the programming kind.mahi-Ahem!AJ- Damn morals…I feel so terrible about calling in sick!Anon- Search me?Casa- Bored =(4Wd- Ahahahahha… Errr.. Nice twist… Point taken šŸ˜‰

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