don’t read this.

I’m definitely sick!

I cocked up so many things at work yesterday, my sweet boss actually came to me stifling his laughter asking “How many times have you done it today?”….Horrible.
Yesterday evening I went to the shoe place. And came back empty handed, in spite of the fact that I liked some of the shoes and in spite of the fact that they looked good on my shiny pedicured little feet. (They always do, what a redundant statement. bah) Whatever, not tonight honey, I have a headache.

This week’s is like…the slowest week in the history of time. I’ve been sleeping like a baby these days and I cannnnnnot bring myself to wake up. I’d rather gouge something in me and call in sick. The mornings are so lovely, the kind of morning where you want to go for a jog, swim in the pool and say hello to the sun. Precisely the kinda morning that you’d expect to see me sleeping like a drugged rhino in jammies.

Its still only Thursday. WHY GOD WHY! Geez, what is with this damn month! I won’t even ask if its just me, Like HELL YEAH! And I had the second appointment with that insurance lady and now she’s just pissing me off with all the morbid vegetable-in-wheelchair talk. I do know what insurance is for, there is no need for the dramatic buildup man!

This whole week has been very depressing. Plus I’m sick of my hair. (Yeah, I know it doesn’t make any sense.) I need a new hairdo. Damn!

Oh by the way, Its 26th January, so if you’re an Indian, Happy Republic Day.
If you’re Australian, Happy Australia Day.
If you’re an opportunistic citizenship-switching non-resident Indian creep, then invest some of your evil money in India okay? (No seriously, higher returns buddy, wink wink)

I want to sleep…I’m so sleepy…so very….zzzzzz…


6 thoughts on “Overkill

  1. Oh baba, ki holo?????Okay i got a sudden urge to speak in bengali! hehe…In case you dint understand that, i meant “arrey baba, kya hua??”Hmmmm..hang in there babes!! Just hang in there.And well, dont worry… all our lives are equally fugged up!!!

  2. DONT talk about having to wake up early… its winter here, and do you know the pain of climbing out of the comfortable duvet and walking on that cold floor? Do you do you? 😦 :(*Cold floor was only for dramatic effect. Its carpeted as you know ;)Sighs..Anyway, what you need is a visit to Rapunzel, a pair of new shoes and some bitching. You fly solo for #1 and #2, I’ll join in for the 3rd 😀

  3. Tragicomix- =)Medha- I got that! Just so bored with life.. snoooze..Packan- UGH! I’m working full day tomorrow and on Tuesday too! UGGH!! (not lashing at you, just around you)Casa-:P Yes, I’m planning a visit to the Green Sanctuary… (psst.that was for giving me duvet envy)

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