You had a bad day

Its February… FINALLY! To be honest I was getting reallly sick of January. I mean 31 days come on!

This morning, I waited at the bus stop as usual. I’m wearing wooden clogs. And I realise they’re pretty old. (Not that they look old or anything..).. and then I realised something.
The reason I wore them today was because they’re open toed and comfortable. But the same time last year, I remember how even half-inch non-heels would hurt my legs. And for that, I’m grateful. My leg is finally on its way to healing itself. More than three quarters of the way, I’d say. Because this time last year, I couldn’t even THINK about wearing the 3.5 inch stilettos that I wear so nonchalantly now.

Im really looking forward to 2006. Except the part where I turn 24.. I intend to pretend that never will happen. Instead I will celebrate the first anniversary of my 23rd birthday… (in a very John Dorian way)

I hear the bonus will not be as great as I had dreamt. But Im looking forward to it.
I’m looking forward
To the beautiful Arabian carpet that my dad will hopefully buy for me
To the lovely Dior bag that my mom has stashed away for me.
To going back home sometime in the next six months to get me all these goodies plus a dose of filial love.
To going to Dubai!
To actively investing my money instead of having it rot in a stupid ass savings account.
To making new friends as well getting rid of the old ones who don’t deserve it.
To so much more…

I had this training back in December, wherein the trainer made us all write our personal, career and financial objectives for the next three months, along with immediate steps towards achieving them.She said she would mail it to each of us after three months so we could benchmark ourselves. I know at the back of my head, that that letter will arrive somewhere between February and March. And I absolutely DO NOT want to read it with the enthusiasm I read bills with.

On an entirely different note altogether, I do have something I want to bitch about.
The kind folks at my credit card company have recently inundated my mailbox with a gazillion One-for-One specials at some very very nice French, Italian, Spanish, Indian and what-have-you restaurants.
And these are some very yummalicious restaurants. Very.
So if two people eat, they eat at half off. the obvious question is.. what becomes of single people?
Why are they always being singled out?

Even my favorite Italian restaurant, that I patronise ever so often, mails me for the first time ever; Because V day approacheth and it entitles me to a discount. Oh come on! What about all the other times I’ve pigged on your delicious sage ravioli huh? What? Now I need a man and an occassion to enjoy that too-good-to-be-true Caprese at a lower price?

I want to say Ill boycott them but their ravioli is too delicious. Even for my ego.

p.s. When I open my own restaurant, any single person dining will get a free glass of white wine. Two, if they come to eat without a book or a mobile phone. I promise. (No red..i don’t like red..)

p.p.s Someone kiss Daniel Powter on my behalf please, that song has blown me away.


7 thoughts on “You had a bad day

  1. To making new friends as well getting rid of the old ones who don’t deserve it.Hehehehe… now why does this not sound surprising after our conversation last night :)And I’m with you about restaurants not treating individuals nicely unless you are accompanied by your pet dawg/man or a gazillion friends who turn up for your birthday treat. Shame I say. Shame.

  2. I agree…why do single ppl not get discounts ever!!Eating alone in public is a misery..I cannot do that!! but when I come to ur rest. will always have ur company ;)btw..Which is this Italian rest?

  3. Atg- heehee, Ill call you in five years time about that vineyard ;)And hey, who wants McDs when you can have those delish pizzas?Packan- Yeah you bet! The place I like is Amici’ HV.If you like Michelangelo’s, then Amici is like that.. at half the price.

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