When Carrie is dating Aidan, she suddenly ends up sleeping with Mr.Big….

Temptation is like that.

It starts with resent. You know its wrong… taboo maybe.. but definitely wrong. Its impulsive and irresponsible. But it makes you curious. You want to know more. Maybe just a little peak into what’s in store.
Surely a look wouldn’t hurt? Lookey, no touchey.

Maybe one touch is ok. Just one. The feeling is remarkably good for something so wrong. Hey this isn’t so bad.
One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re guilty.

And then you feel a little sick. ‘I think I fucked up; it felt good.. but now I just feel sick’

And there’s a price to pay. There’s always a price to pay. The guilt wears you down. You have to come clean. Maybe not, but you have to tell someone right? Yes, telling someone will make you feel better.

During a one hour lunch today, I ended up buying four pairs of shoes. Guilty as charged, baybee!!


9 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. DoJ :Falling into temptation has been in blood from the time of adam and eve(if they were true).Rem , how he ate the apple ….Anyways, buying 4 pair of shoes, wow, really strong temptations.Everyone has temptations and I guess one should fall for them once in a while , in order to bring some zeal and spice in life, but ofcoruse keep all your character and other personality triats at risk :))-ATG

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