Do you want to?

It is foreseen that two out of every three sentences that the Jups spews out today will be utter and complete garbage. Incohorent garbage.

I’ve had some very poignant (read rubbish) realisations over the past few days.

A software upgrade is, in fact, a software downgrade. It is the addition of absolutely useless improvements that nobody needs; and to put those into place, the IT folks will end up ruining every other aspect of the software and all the perfectly running bits will turn into rubbish.
God, I’m so pissed…

I am so bitchy that I think every girl that’s not as fashionable as me is a prude and every girl who is more fashionable than me is a rich slut who’s burning away her dad’s money.

I have eaten six slices of toast for dinner the past two nights. I am hungry this morning. Famished, in fact. I may be morphing into an ogre.

I have no respect for women who dress like sluts to work when the dress code clearly says Business Casual.
Note: Tube tops are not business casual. Tube tops are not any casual. And anyone who says “if you’re thin and you can carry it off…” will be immediately shoveled into a garbage truck. Being thin and being see-through are two COMPLETELY different things.

I don’t like people who psst each other loudly at work. To go to the toilet. I think its stupid women need to be in droves to use the bathroom.

I don’t like men who highlight their hair. I don’t like men who color their hair in stupid shades of ash or blonde or strawberry. I don’t like men who straighten their hair. I don’t like men who anything their hair. Period.

I have realised that people I have been looking upto for their fabulous fashions and their fabulous relationships have acquired said achievements through not-so-fabulous means. I am not exactly sure what to think. Das ist nicht so gut.

When I wish for retribution on those who hurt me, and it actually happens…I don’t feel that good.
When I finally get my due, I don’t give a crap.

That’s enough rot for one day. Im hungry.


17 thoughts on “Do you want to?

  1. And I thought I was messed up!;)I have been looking upto for their fabulous fashions and their fabulous relationships have acquired said achievements through not-so-fabulous means.Love this bit 😀

  2. na, i mean 1. are u plain jealous [fashionably speaking]?2. or those chicks in tube tops get better increments?3. or does helpdesk support solves issues with the software for them before they do to you regardless of who registered the complaint when?:ppls. help me with this:D:D

  3. hmm… hope you’ve found something nice to eat…..can sometimes do wonders for one’s mood….ahem…may i suggest a nice bar of chocolate.. not the healthiest option , but it sure helps elevate my mood when i’m feeling crappy …:)i can understand how u feel about other females’ clothes…. it’s not logical or explicable…. just a gut feeling of like/dislike….

  4. Ah, yes. The skimpily dressed airheads. I know them well. They irritate the hell outta me. *frowns*Brain’s over matter… win’s every time. Tehe. ;o)lazy leo’s right, chocolate does wonders. God, now I want chocolate.

  5. Burf- okay! =)Leo- A leo eh? just like moi.. we do think alike because last night I got myself two boxes of those delish cookies that are dipped in kno what i mean? Yeah!Reaching- Better reach for a hershey bar!

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