Velocity girl

I went to bed at 2pm last night for no good reason. I overslept the morning.

I got a wakeup call at 850.THANKS FOR NOTHING!

For the uninitiated, I’m supposed to be at work in precisely ten minutes from current moment of gaining consciousness.
Whatever; no time to dilly dally.. There’s a good chance I may have brushed my teeth with shaving foam and taken a shower with toothpaste.

Noone does that! Silly!

But anyway, the good thing is I had actually ironed out my shirt for the day. On most normal days, I wakeup and stare at my wardrobe for fifteen minutes till inspiration hits me.

To myself…

“Do the pants need ironing?”
“No, they look fine…”
“I could have sworn they needed to be ironed..or something…something needed to be done..”
“They look fine, you’re getting confused again.”
“Hmm, yeah.. whatever”

And so it came to pass that the Jups, she donned trousers with a missing button.

“Ah.. we’re we get a cab..and we’re in the clear..oh.. oh no wait..”

Too late to change..its already past 9…we have to improvise.

And so it came to pass that for the first time in her life, Jups took to sewing buttons on her person, in a moving cab no less. The cab driver didn’t even notice.

And you thought your life was interesting… Bah!


9 thoughts on “Velocity girl

  1. You mean 2 AM right? Sorry for being such a nitpicker ;)And that really IS a first! Sewing on a button while in a cab… good show. But seriously, would changing trousers take lesser time than looking for the sewing kit?

  2. o hhhhhhhhh Lord”shaving foam…” i always thought jups babe was a girl 😦 atleast the pic in profile kinda certainly said so… *drooping shoulders*btw, do u carry sewing kit along to office????

  3. Casa- You know the drill..its hard to rebalance..desperate times call for desperate measures..But then im not programmed to think logically and simply..Burf- And girls don’t use shaving foam? tsk tsk my have so much to learn..I carried one today πŸ˜‰

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