Wake me up before you go-go

Help! I’m a shopaholic… hmmm…The spoils of today’s lunch are, or rather is, a delightfully red red leather bag. Very classic, Very matching my red shoes, Very 40% off. We likey.

I overslept again today. A typical “yawwwwnnn….. blink… OH SHIT” moment.

And I’m dressed like the grim reaper. No seriously. In my sleepy stupor, I stumbled out of the house in a black shirt, olive green pants and black shoes. With a black bag. The future, as they say, is black…I mean bleak.

In other news, I’m being a diva. I’m helping a bunch of sociology students make a documentary. On me. *Pauses for dramatic effect* But I haven’t let them start shooting yet. I think its the cold feet. And the fact that I am in desperate need of a haircut.Its scary! And today was supposed to be the first day of shooting and bailed. Anyway who wants to shoot the grim reaper with long unkempt hair? So its rescheduled for Saturday. If I bail again, I have given them permission to shoot me. Get it? Shoot me… hahahha… the stupid girl made a funny. (If you don’t watch family guy, its a little harder to get that..)

Anyway, I can’t wait for the weekend, I need to pull myself together. And the apartment too. Storage has become a huge problem. There are bags everywhere, stowed away in bedside drawers, stowed into the wardrobe, strewn on the bed, on the living room couch. EVERYWHERE..I am using big cardboard boxes to store accessories. Ikea, here I come. Any bright ideas on how to best store handbags are welcome. Really welcome.

And those are the headlines for today. Thank you for watching. And for the love of God, please call me up at 7am tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Wake me up before you go-go

  1. Hmmm…Storage trouble?? Storing what??Bags? Full of what?Tell me about the getting up late bit… for 20 days I slept till 11 am and then suddenly from Monday I have to start getting up at 0830 hrs… my body just cant take it. Late everyday to work..Hows the ‘gettin up’ bit going?

  2. Babes, the bags, the shoes, the clothes. We need a freakin mansion, dont we! Yup, time to start house hunting me thinks =)Btw, did I tell you I bought a red leather bag last month too?

  3. Ya well nobody jumps without a safety net… it was in place long back. Thanks!You didnt answer… what you hiding away… severed heads?….& part 2 too..Chocolates I should be receivin’ … for…for…ummm… bah!You deliver and i’ll tell you the reason..

  4. Saurabh- its just bags..the kinds we gals carry around everywhere,(the brown one goes with that.. and the black one goes with this..) and in my case are full of absolute junk like old receipts, and tissues from Cafes.

  5. Oooh – red leather! and they match the shoes?Me likey too. *dramatic sigh*I don’t know about you but I have an obsession with bags. Yes, an obsession. My mother threatened to kick me out of the house, if I bought one more bag. Thankfully, I moved out. My obsession got the best of me. Grin. Cheers!

  6. Clint- Hahaa.. “when i get to work..” nice way to put itPackan- To kill two bags with one bag.. hmmm..;)Burf- =)Reaching-I have an obsession with all things material.. I am your run-of-the-mill retail whore. I know what you mean. Best part of living alone,ja?

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