Take me as I am

Guess who I am rooting for this season of American Idol-
Ace Young.25.Very Cute. Sang a very sexy “Father Figure”

But guess who can totally win without even trying.. Elliot Yamin.27.Voice of God.

But then again, I rooted for Anwar last season and he was booted out.

I wish I could sing..


12 thoughts on “Take me as I am

  1. Hmmm.. this idiot box will get you someday. I am so happy not owning one of these or having one in the house for over 2 years now.They eat your brain I tell you.Dont think I will ever want one now either.

  2. How can a normal person live without a television set? Next you’ll say we should all give up on motorised transport and move to bicycles, and you know, be fit.

  3. OH MY GODI AM SO SO SO in LOVE/LUST with Ace.shit i think i melted when he cast that LOOK into the camera during the last bit of his performance..u know the LOOKphwoar.did u see his brother in the audience?? hes hot toohis parents should be given i medal i tell u.

  4. Saurabh- I heart my PC too but you take it to another level!4wd- GiggleMahi- his brother?! Okay, you take the younger one, Ill take the older. *hoping Ace is older*Clint- dunno his name, but he’s good. All the men are good this timeReaching- He’s a showstopper!

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