Snowed Under

So, on Thursday I returned from the supermarket with sour cream, refried beans, cheese, tortillas, mushrooms and lots of vegetables. So the whole weekend, breakfast, lunch and dinner was quesadillas!
To counter the effect of stuffing myself with an entire can of refried beans, three quarters of a pack of Danish mozarella and fifty thousand calories, I took myself for a sprint. And pulled something in my shoulder.
I don’t feel that good now.*Groann.

Anyway, the pigheadness was restricted only to the diet and I spent a good deal of time studying and planning. And getting scared out of my wits and freaking out.

Why? Because I haven’t even saved enough to afford the non-refundable deposits charged by the universities I wanna attend.
Ugh and double ugh. In fact, each university charges roughly an Ipod’s worth in application fees. That’s not cool at all. No.

And so I come to realise that this frivolous lifestyle of binge shopping and other whimsical liberties must come to a temporary pause.
Be afraid, be very afraid.

So from now on, no more 25$ nail polish, no more expensive cocktail dresses that are never worn, absolutely no more shoes (okay maybe a couple but THAT’S IT), no more anything that costs too much money.

I feel snowed under.

P.S. Snowed Under is my latest crush from those talented high-pitched boys at Keane…highly infectious and crazy happy. If Coldplay is really going to retire/take a hiatus as rumors go, Keane better be churning out twice as many songs!


10 thoughts on “Snowed Under

  1. And I see this, just after posting about the lurvly quesadillas I had on saturday. Coincidences are freaking me out, these days!Damn, are they *so* expensive? Umm… can I do without another degree then? Coz there’s no way I can bring myself to saving money 😦 :(PS: You have posted this twice… delete the last one.

  2. happy and hungry… I see a new trend happening here. All the shoes and shopping binge tid bits seem to be replaced by food.Dont blame ya… I’m a huge foodie me self.More on that later… thinking of some thing and will probably ask you to join in. Kind of a joint-effort blog 🙂

  3. *pfft* jups and no more shopping?*PFFT* YEA RIGHT.$25 nailpolish!? this nail polish better have gold in it or something (i think i just chanelled ure mum…or my mom)time to get cracking on a budget baby! good luck!

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