Look what you’ve done

What-seems-like-an-eternity ago,

Me: KC, I can’t wear any pretty shoes anymore…I have to wear sneakers..and my colleagues make fun of me.
KC: Sweetie, buy yourself many different sneakers, the nicest ones you can find…wear different ones every day…that way they’ll envy you.

How do you like that? A girl’s problem.. and a solution a girl can appreciate. And you’d be blind not to notice how much empathy it takes to say something like that. Its really the thought behind the thought.
It’s a pity friends like KC are not sold in retail.

It’s a good thing I have a lot of stuff to keep me busy; work and studies are competing to see which one will take me down first. The good thing is I am finally over the stage where I saw my books and feel asleep drooling on them. From now on, its a giant sized mug of freshly percolated coffee, tons of stationery, music and the tired old brain finally gets to dust its pants off.

Strangely, for me anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness or anything pathetic emotion that bogs me down actually acts as a catalyst towards studying harder. Now you know why I did so well in college. *Sniff*

And the credit/blame (depending on how you look it.. like the dumb half-full/half-empty analogy) goes to all those so-called friends who played their part with surprising apathy.
The ones who knew me and yet didn’t know when I needed help. The ones who thought I had the ability to laugh at EVERYTHING. The ones who made plans and never kept them. The ones who took his side. The fair-weather ones. The ones who judged me for doing the exact same things they had done a month ago. The ones who ignored everyone when they got busy with a certain special someone. The ones who were nice only because they had ulterior motives. The ones who appeared on the horizon when things went horribly wrong for them and somehow managed to *poof* away when things started looking up.

To every single one of you, thank you. I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be if it weren’t for your alarming consistency.

And if you’re ever feeling low, give me a call. I’d be glad to return the favour.


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