Right. We need to talk.

You, man, listen up. Sexual harassment- so not cool.

Blank Noise is a hands-on socially aware group that seeks to weed out eve-teasing. And today they invite us lowly bloggers to post our (scathing) thoughts on the matter.

For the uninitiated, eve-teasing is the word used in the Indian subcontinent for lewd cat-calling, leering for what-seems-like-decades, sexually innappropriate gestures and in some cases even molestation.

What have I ever done to retort? Nothing. I’ve silently tolerated whatever filth the roadside romeos have to say out loud. Sometimes, I’ve mustered up the courage to say No when offered money for sex. But that’s not gonna stop these fuckers from taking their heads out of their asses.

Eve-teasing is dispiccable, disgusting and completely unneccessary. What kind of degenerate society are we living in? And don’t you dare me give me that “Oh she was skimpily dressed, she was asking for it” crap. That’s degenerate thinking, shame on you. Skimpy clothing is NOT an invitation to treat. These men are social scum and they needed to be bitchslapped everytime their tongues go a-wagging.

And you’ve all done it. You’ve all leered endlessly in the train or passed comments or pinched a butt here or grabbed a boob there. Well, you’re all disgusting.

So there. If you’ve ever sexually harassed someone, even if it was just by words, I hope you fall face first into a pile of fresh dung. And then get run over by a very very slow road roller.

Fuck off, I say.


12 thoughts on “Fighter

  1. Great to see you posting as well!And yes, “she asked for it, with the way she was dressed”, so SO doesnt sell! I’m wondering where are the radicals when you need them. They will make protests against western culture and valentine’s day, but have nothing to say about this kinda behaviour existing in “our” culture?

  2. “you’ve all done it” “you’re all disgusting”???you wanna check that brush before you tar everyone with a pair of balls? much appreciate what blank noise does and some of the stories are just downright disturbing.but at the same time, acknowledge a few things before you all go to bra burning heaven – 1. there are a significant number of decent males around who keep their hands to themselves, respect other people’s space and do not offer you money for a bj. 2. women ogle at good looking men ALL the bloody time. see anyone screaming about invasion of privacy and intrusion? I dont. Looking at some one good looking / checking some one out – perfectly fine and acceptable. This is the point where I disagree strongly with the blank noise people. putting up pictures of people on the streets like mug shots just because they looked at you ?!?! What is this ? the salem witch hunt?run over the slimeballs who go around grabbing little girls and rubbing their crotches against you. use a convoy of road rollers if you need to, but leave the nice ones alone. there are quite a few.

  3. Gals- Please excuse me for a moment as I have a bone to pick.Anon, Saurabh,Get a hold of yourself.First of all, learn to ignore technicalities. ALL does not mean everyone on the planet. GEEZ!1. There being an abundance of amazing men is absolutely no consolation to a victimof sexual harassment, is it? How is that remotely logical?(for more substantiation read below)2. Secondly, even though the point of looking vs leering is slightly dicey, I can tell you that no woman enjoys having her breasts stared at for twenty minutes in a bus by some asshole who adjusts his angle to get a better look.I DID NOT want to get into examples but you leave me no choice. I was once being leered at for twenty minutes by two Bangladeshi construction workers, one was even gesturing. So I switched places with a nice guy next to me. So guess what the worker did? HE SWITCHED PLACES TOO. The shenanigans continued for another ten minutes till I got off the bus prematurely.YOU TELL ME WHY I SHOULD TOLERATE THAT- JUST BECAUSE THAT ASSHOLE HAD EYES?Why don’t you give me an instance where some perverted girl has harassed you to the point that you felt dirty, THEN, my darling, we will have a sensible debate.

  4. Jups – This is not a debate or a justification to how the victim should feel better just because there are good men out there. I understand women wanting to scan or read a guy first before intiating anything but to go on a rampage that ALL men are f***ers is a little too harsh. In your statement “You’ve all done it” did kind of point to ALL men. I dont see a distinction there. Let me highlight another point – women when they stare or ‘come on’ a guy is never ridiculed. Strange?? I daresay yes!!P.S – I encourage all women to make a noise about such humiliation as suffered by you… If I were you I’d stare back at him and ask him what’s he looking at? Or whether he’d like a piece of my mind? Too courageous – Yes. But its needed sometimes.

  5. Saurabh- The problem isn’t a guy coming and asking you out.If a guy asked me for a coffee, a date or even sex and I refused and he quietly went his way, THAT’S OK.But if he followed me for fifteen minutes raising the price, THAT’S NOT OK.We are all not Hercules. Some of us are scared. And the fear or molestation, humiliation or even rape is certainly not uncalled for. Hence the timidity,hence the need to look down, hence the need to call a cab.And the whole gender debate here is completely immature and completely stupid.And the reason is because save sodomy, men really have nothing much to fear sexually speaking. The Lorenna Bobbitt story is more of an exception.I have heard of women coming on me or staring, but I never heard a man go back and ask his friends “Why did she do that? I feel so used…do I look like a whore in this outfit?”Because women know when to back off and many men don’t.

  6. Jups – I totally agree. Men don’t know when to back off. They generally don’t know what ‘No’ means. It pisses the hell outta me. Sure not all men are like that. The one’s who are.. well, I hope they actually take heed to the “fuck off.” For their sake. Grin.

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