What a girl wants

Writing a lot of random BS because of extreme boredom,

Yesterday I received some pretty sweet compliments from someone far superior to me. By that I mean someone who is super-intelligent, super-articulate and generally very super. And his compliments were along the line of me being young and incredibly smart. Okay I exaggerate but whatever…its kinda like having Van Gogh critique your still life, if you get my drift.

Today I received a bag of M&S chocolates from Slowmo. One of them was chocolate Turkish delight and the other was Liquorice. Now I feel a teensy weensy bit bad but I have been nice to her okay? So I’ll feel good about that.

I have finally realised why I bit my nails all these years. I used to study and use my brain! For the past one year, I hadn’t. Last weekend I struggled with this stupid shit of a GMAT problem and I chewed four very lovely fingers away . We don’t want to go down that road again, so next time we will try harder not to go nuclear on the cuticles, won’t we Miss Neanderthal?

A friend I recently wrote off bounced back into my life in the nicest way. It’s nice to have friends like these. Reaffirms my belief that when it comes to love and relationships, there are really no barriers. (Okay I know that is not something I would say.. but I believe that on an ideologival level, its possible). A friendship I never counted on losing suddenly went cold. I guess it hurts but tough luck, nobody loves anyone unconditionally forever. Another friend accused me of being a selfish and opportunistic. Just because I asked him for help. Great.

I told mom last night that I’m too young for an MBA. She said “Tough Luck, no later than now, you have to get married.” I need a trophy husband just for the heck of it man. Tee was thoughtful enough to say I can always find one in B-school, but that’s too much uncertainty to feed to paranoid parents. I’m not a screaming single but this whole arranged marriage is kinda vomit-inducing. The thought of marrying some spectacle-wearing, tone-deaf, two-left-footed, narrow-minded, prone-to-balding, theorem-wielding, travel-sick, strict vegetarian, teetotaling knucklehead who is likely to scream “BUT YOU DON’T NEED A 400$ BAG!” is enough to make me want to stay single for as long as it takes. Someone I know recently met a guy who questioned all her career moves with a “But what value does that add?” question. Guys like this would have prevented the survival of cockroaches with their fervent pessimism.

But anyway, like I said, I feel good about the compliments and the chocolates. What more does a girl need?


3 thoughts on “What a girl wants

  1. Erm… I have a question. Will you not tolerate him questioning you spending your own money, or you spending his money?Makes a world of a difference you see… :)PS: The former needs to be slapped, the latter can be worked upon.

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