I just died in your arms tonight

Dearest Jups,

It is with the deepest and most profound regret that we write to inform you that your heart passed away last night.We would like you to take comfort in the fact that your heart went away peacefully. And she wanted you to know that she tried her best.

She had lived a full life and always led you in the right direction. Alas, there were many many things she had hoped to achieve. Unfortunately, the previous accident with love left the fragile being with multiple injuries, which did not heal with the recommended dosages of time. Ironically, the wounds were aggrevated leading to this untimely and most unfortunate demise.

There is nothing we can do to bring your heart back, the only solace we can offer is that you still have full use of your brain. So we encourage you to exercise more caution and protect it with all your life. You no longer have the choice nor the discretion to use your heart when confounded.The silver lining is of course the inherent advantage that the brain has over the heart in making important decisions, where the heart has most regrettably failed in the past. In fact we may go so far as to say that the heart’s actions have been her own undoing. But we won’t add fuel to the fire.

We know that life will be different from this day forth, but we hope that it will be a full one nonetheless. You are not the first to suffer this loss and you certainly won’t be the last. You will live. At the very least, you will sleep better.

So please remember our advice and take care of your brain, it’s your last and only hope for survival in this very cold, cruel world.

Yours truly,
The kind folks at Heartbreak Hotel


11 thoughts on “I just died in your arms tonight

  1. *sighs and offers a hug*Poor dear, I hope things aren’t too bad. Unfortunately, the heart has this way of reviving itself. Bit like a zombie. Which does make sense, you understand why your brain seems to be eaten when the heart takes control.Take care of yourself.

  2. When ever down, I either eat something nice or go to the gym alot. Both methods, equally as effective make my heart either too tired to think or too content to care. If all else fails, just whine-la… its theraputic ;o)

  3. Well, the upside is, you can now graduate from b-school with flying colours, take over a big multinational in a hostile bid, and fire people ruthlessly without worrying about their kids. In 15 years, I can contract you company to do some work for mine.

  4. Moose- Awww =)AJ- Eating and gymming..such conflicting interests?Anon- You make me smile..Saurabh- oh well..you do what you can to get closureBurf- thanks4wd- I haven’t even made it yet but I like the optimism. If you don’t like someone in your company let me know, they’ll be the first to go when I buy the damn place.

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