There is no cute way to say this…but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try.

I met with a road accident two nights ago. I was run over by a cab while going for a jog at night. I lost some skin on my chin, arms, two front teeth and my dignity. The car ran over my ass… there are tyre marks on my white shorts.
It hurts like hell. And for the moment, my greatest fear is that my smile will never look the same. I don’t like looking in the mirror anymore.

I had dental surgery the following morning. Three shots of anaesthetic and it was completely painfree. I was crying buckets. No matter what they say, that is NOT MY SMILE! I have to eat goop for the next 2 weeks.

I’m going for an MRI tomorrow to make sure my hip hasn’t cracked. Its gonna cost a fortune. I have to take bed rest for the next weeks.

Ugh… ouchh….ouchh…

The good news is that I can eat all the ice cream I want. And its a test of creativityto invent three meals a day for the next ten days that consist of goopity-goop ain course with mush on the side.

The other good news, for you, is that if you want to earn special Jups’ brownie points, you can show up with flowers and some creative semi-solid goop I can eat.

So ring my doorbell with some cheese fondue, will ya?

P.S: The Ipod was playing “Come on Come on, do the locomotion with me”


13 thoughts on “Locomotion

  1. Oh man ! Sorry to hear about yr accident. I guess the fact that you went thru so much pain and lost ur front teeth saved the cabbie from getting a piece of ur mind…Do get well soon ! And dont worry about the smile – artificial teeth are even better than the real ones !

  2. Oh no, you poor thing! The whole experience sounds horribly painful – both literally & figuratively! Take good care, make sure you’re being pampered, go back home home or get ur mum to come down if possible – aint no pampering like a mums pampering when u’re not well. And don’t worry about ur smile – cosmetic surgery in today’s world can have u looking better than new!Don’t you worry honey… you’ll be shaking ur hips a la kylie minogue again in no time!

  3. hey . sorry to hear that . take care of urself.. n doncha worry .. u r gonna b jus fine…lemme kno where to send those flowers… 🙂

  4. Damnit Juice. I sit down, take a load off my feet to see whatever you’ve begun to rant about and you’ve gotten yourself run over. RUN OVER! *sighs and offers hugs* poor dear. I know the pain. I got run over a truck, i was lucky to go straight down and underneath the thing, between the tires.Just enjoy your time off i guess. Eat lots of gloop. And your smile won’t be the same. You’ll go to the dentist, and get some super top secret plans for teeth that the government has been designing, and then have superpowers. Superpowers in your teeth.I feel jealous.Sleep sweetly

  5. oh MoC,i am quite bewildered by this incidence, by your way of facing such a situation with good news :)i rem the childhood days when somebody would looks the front two teeths and how we would make funof him/her. I know you would sue me , if i did that. So , all I would say is that ,get well soon and dont eat too much ice-cream, jaan logay kya pet kii :D-ATG

  6. great to hear ur hip is being restored to its former glory…:)I’ve had my blog for about 2 yrs now…not a poetry blog as much as a dime-worth-cripped-amateurish expression of my philosophy…

  7. Verbal- I sure hope so!Prti- I just hope the insurances covers it.. thats all I ask!Apy,Dreamcatcher-ThanksCowlick, packan-yep the police are on it..Kris- OMG, bet you had nightmares for weeks about that! Your jokes are so cute, made me smile even when it was hurting to smile =)Anil- What’s MoC?Cap’n- still seemed quite deep, plus i had no idea!

  8. OMG I just read this! Hope you’re recovering well.The cab’s insurance company better cover the damage (at least the non-emotional ones)!Get well soon, girl!

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