Back that ass up

The good news: I am getting bored out of my wits and that is forcing me to study nine to ninety. My eyes look fresh as chamomiles due to the vast amounts of sleep I am getting.

The bad news: Everthing else.

The problem with having a cab ramming head-first into your hip is the inability to distinguish swelling and water retention from sheer blubber.

The problem with skinning your chin on the curb is that your chin turns a shade of unappetizing pink because you left a layer of skin right on the curb.

The problem with breaking your front teeth on the curb is you will spend truckloads of leatherbagsandshoesmoney on getting new teeth that you will inevitably hate.

The problem with biting your gums when collided with is that the resulting ulcers will cause blinding pain everytime you ingest non-icecream foods. The only thing more unpleasant that ulcers is ulcer gel. BLECH!

The problem with spending 7 days indoors is that you start looking very pale. Now you know what the Count of Monte Cristo felt like.

Lesson learnt: Look left and right before sprinting into a moving cab.
I do not feel good. My hips hurt like hell. HELL I TELL YOU!


7 thoughts on “Back that ass up

  1. oh fuck…jups im so sorry! i havent checked blogs in ages..i didnt even know…ah fuck that sounded hell painful :Sget well soon jups…look on the bright u have to eat soft foods..u might just end up losing weight?=Sim trying!!!!here *big bunch of gerberas*

  2. I’m soooo sorry, sweetie. It all sounds just awful (especially the teeth..) On the bright side, eat icecream.. this is probably the only time it wont make you put on weight.

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