Sweetest Thing

Wooo Wo…the sweetest thing…

Birds flying high.. you know how I feel…scent of the pine…you know how I feel…

I’m in a happy mood today.. why you say? why? Because–

The weather is lovely.. I feel lovely…

Cute American Man-Boy smiled at me. What did I do, you say? I was too stunned to smile back.

I scored ten bazillion brownie points. How you say? My relatives decided to come to Singapore at the very last minute. I used my very elite membership priveleges to score them two suites at the best hotel in Singapore for less than half the normal price. I’m going to pick them up at the airport tomorrow and take them to the suites myself, where they will treated like royalty. I scored ten more bazillion points from my parents for being such a doll at such short notice. They all love me. I know I know.. who wouldn’t?

The cab company apologised profusely for the mishap. They haven’t commited to reimbursing me just yet but its a healthy start.

One of my girlfriends is getting married! Yay, I say! I am not the first one! This little firebrand of a woman proposed to her boyfriend of three months on Valentine’s day and the date is set for three days from now. I KNOW! EXACTLY! SHOCK AND AWE!

One of my other girlfriends turns 23 today.. happy birthday fruitypie!

Other developments have been set in motion. Inshallah… a fruitful new beginning beckons.



6 thoughts on “Sweetest Thing

  1. Loads of developments have begun to be set in motion. It seems the universe had enough time resting and is starting to kick the Drama-bot into gear, and is starting to weave those oh so interesting things.Just remember the universe is awesome ^_^

  2. *yawn*I’m sorry, but you already told me all of this in person. Okay, maybe next time I’ll NOT talk to you and wait for the post to find out the gossip of your life 😉

  3. Clint- Ah well, after the accident(storm) comes the cheery (calm)or something like that..Very nice picture btw…Moose- thanksDreamcatcher- Nah..not sueing.. just need the money back that’s all.. I don’t want him to lose his job and all that shit.kris- True.. you sound like Paulo Coelho btw..Casa- #33 Disadvantages of bloggers being flatmates.. 😉

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