Cry me a river

The embargo was broken. Forgive me for I have sinned. *booming voice from above* “You are forgiven for the truly fabulous, they doth not sin”

I bought these delicious accessories for my mommy. Handpainted Venetian glass accessories. And a freshwater pearl ring for myself. All of them were fuckin expensive but I was really upset after my dentist’s appointment yesterday and I needed some happy pill-equivalent. The Casa took me to lunch today to buy cutesy nail enamels and so we spent on that too. This month I will also buy one pair of utterly gorgeous pumps and some business wear as the collection is waning. Partly due to bolognaise, partly due to the washing machine.

Question: Why were you upset after your appointment yesterday?


I took off yesterday and went to the dratted dentist. Not that she is dratted but the need for dentistry is. I am not at all happy.

The thing about superficial beauty is that a lot of it is psychological. (pretty deep eh?). Like when I was younger, I hated my nose soooo much that I dreamt of the day I’d be rich so I could go under the knife and have it refined.
Of course I don’t even consider it now. Mostly because I’m not as vulnerable as I was when I was 16 to actually feel bad about what some complete imbecile thought about my nose. I still hate it… but I won’t change it.
Anyway, coming back to the issue-du-jour… my pearly-offwhites. I am in deep pain. The dentist lady discussed my treatment, if i choose to take it–

Gum surgery that will push my gums back- this is to help measure my teeth.
Braces- to adjust the gumline
Crown measurement- to prepare the crown (I think they stick your mouth in red wax or somethin for this)
Crown placement aka false tooth.

Treatment is estimated to be as long as a year. Which would have been fine if she hadn’t said the
words I never needed to hear,
“They will be bigger”
“Bigger?” (trying not to think of B u g s B u n n y)
“Yes, a little longer..”
“Longer?” (yeahhh… whatchupdoc…?)
“Yes, they will be, but we can even them out..” (But of course, no one wants two front teeth of different lengths!)
“Umm…so…that doesn’t fix anything…”

I wasn’t gonna pay a few thousand dollars to fit hi-tech braises, have my gums hacked and new teeth fitted in if they were gonna make me look like a fucking beaver!

At the same time, I had this psychological feeling (redundant word, I know) that the procedures done so far had pushed my teeth a little forward. I’m having a hard time convincing myself that the dentist was responsible and she wouldn’t have jacked the angle on my front teeth like I think she did.
Meanwhile, I think I look like Nanny McPhee. 😦

Quad Erad Demonstratum (or however the hell you spell that)

As you may have guessed, I am quite shattered. I guess I ought to look at the option of having braises put in. Of course I will look like a complete retard in business formals and braises and I will run the risk of smiling at a prospective Mr.Right through jailbars in my mouth- but that is a burden I am willing to bear.

For now, this is a request from your friend Jups, who still has a great personality by the way, that you must compliment her profusely on her curly hair, big eyes, pretty nails, etc, etc all the way down to her lovely shoes. Do it for a friend.

Disclaimer: I am incredibly superficial. If you think I ought not to think about my looks and praise Vishnu, Jesus and Allah for escaping alive, well I’ve already done that. So please allow me to bitch. I did not ask to rammed down and I did not ask to have my dazzling smile ruined.
I will bitch.


7 thoughts on “Cry me a river

  1. oh look !! she has bad teeth! oh i forgot – she s also malnutritioned, all bone, red haired, big eyed and crawls around in ethiopia with AIDS and no food or water…

  2. Kris- You’re far too kind.. *Hugs* Plus I am all that.. ;)Anon2 (assuming u’r a different person)- My bad. I knew there was something about that word I couldn’t put my finger on.

  3. Bitch away, my dear… I can imagine how devastating it would be.Your 16 year old contemplations remind me of mine.. I wanted to go under the knife for boob reduction, Yes I was that sick and disgusted of unwanted attention from unwanted people (redundant, I know).curlylocks(used to be blogger)

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