Momma told me not to come

Apart from the mild tensions (ahem) that were encountered, this weekend was simply banging!
Which means I hardly got any studies done. Boo.

Highlights of the long weekend– my first long weekend this year since I had been working all the public holidays this year…

New Shampoos, New Conditioner– Yes yes.. what is the big deal? It is a big deal for my big, crazy, curly, dry, indisciplined hair.. Casa swears by this brand and she has initiated me into the cult as well. Long story short, the whole weekend was one long good hair day and the week continues to be! And every girl knows that a good hair day is a happy day!

New friends, new “adventures”- Bootless Bob and I met some friends of his and went pub-hopping. This included spending a good 5 hours at a drag show at Orchard Tower (the infamous red-light building) and it was simply superb. The acts were part-cabaret and part-standup comedy. I laughed so hard so hard that I couldn’t feel my guts anymore. We then headed out to grab a post-alcohol snack at the local foodcourt at Zion Rd. Surprise surprise, the darling drag queens were at the next table. So I had a good chat with of them was awefully nice to me. =)

New levels of laziness- took the trouble of going to the study lounge and dozing off on the books when I could have jolly well done that in the comfort of my own bed.

But Monday has been twice as mean as usual, what with several people on leave and “sick” and what not. I’m overburdened. If it weren’t for my delicious Dior perfumes*poof poof* and my organic Peppermint tea, I’d be having a terrible morning.

But screw all that, because this is a belated Mother’s day post. Yes, Sunday was Mom’s day..and I hope y’all called your moms up or sent her flowers or drove her to the movies or drove your dad away so she could get alone time.

Had I been home, this would mean asking mom and gradma to get out of the house, go shopping, whatever and come back to my trademark Risotto Verde, among other things in a fine Jupsalicious dinner.
So this time, I settled for just wishing her, buying some presents that she won’t get until July.

But this mom’s day my mom did something awesome! And I am awesomely proud of her.
Word has spread *apparently* that the Jups, like the Sauvignon Blanc, has come of age, the age of marriage. And unsolicited calls are being made to the humble family abode of the Jups asking for her hand in marriage. As much as I am angered by the presumptions of these yokels, I cannot help but be amused and bemused- especially after my mommy dearest asked some such yokel to shove it.

Basically, my dad’s friend’s brother-in-law (henceforth known as Big Pimpin’) called our place to ask for my hand in marriage to his brother-in-law. (Yes it is the great Indian family connection all over again). The bachelor in question is 29 years old and works in Singapore, he is a permanent resident and apparently the firm he works in has a name that is not pronouncable(if that is a word). Readers, kindly note that a man has just called a woman, disclosed some questionable details about his bachelor relative and has boldly asked for all information about her daughter except maybe prominent birthmarks. Big Pimpin’ also went on to allege that he had met my brother in Cochin and that my brother was the originator of the idea.
Ahem. My brother hasn’t been to Cochin in a million years, he is 18 years old, spoilt as hell and does not give a rat’s ass about my wedding; if anything, he isn’t against the idea.

Big Pimpin’ continues by saying there is very little age difference and there is indeed a prospect. Mom starts off by saying there is a HUGE age difference. And when he didn’t relent, she bluntly said that she wasn’t looking for a boy for me just yet. I love her.

Oii to moms everywhere! May motherhood never relinquesh your inner sass!


10 thoughts on “Momma told me not to come

  1. They just don’t give up…And under the guise of concern and affection and what else everyone suddenly becomes wise enough to decide that one is ready for matrimony. One, some-other-individual…You have my sympathies. Have been through much worse…so I can understand what you mean…Cheersps- Very very detailed writing. As a writer you’re patient with thoughts…thats a good thing πŸ™‚

  2. //my big, crazy, curly, dry, indisciplined hairHahaha! I was just going thru old uni pics this evening, and yes, you are right! Heheheh πŸ˜› But on the positive side, your hair is great to pull off the Kangana Ranaut look! πŸ™‚

  3. Casa- Yes I know you want to be married because you wanna attend a grand shindig in Bombay but come on! :PHarjee- Aloha! Giggle,thanks.. it’s a good thing to have a sassy mom =)Sayesha- Ayyy! Hope it looks fabulous anyway ;)And oh I have noooooo idea who Kangana Ranaut is… errrrr..I’m gonna google her now. But since you say I could pull it off , I can only assume she looks half as good as I do πŸ˜‰

  4. In the future to avoid Pimpin’ and his clan of droods from hobnobbing arnd send this post link to ur mom. Whnever a Pimpin’ comes along she cn direct him to this link ala, and he’ll get the point.(my free advise for the day)

  5. //Ayyy! Hope it looks fabulous anyway ;)Hehehe… could send it to you… was part of the rigged snaps from the ‘ye olde un-glam days’ at uni ;)//And oh I have noooooo idea who Kangana Ranaut is… You can check her out on my current post. πŸ™‚

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