I’m not driving anymore

There are a lot of women, celebrities in particular, walking around smiling away their botoxed features knowing that the plastic surgeon screwed up, that slightly plumper lips turned to trout lips or slightly refined nose turned into cokehead nose or slightly larger breasts turned into Godzilla.

And I know exactly how they feel today. Because today my dentist told me that she botched up my root canal. Yes, a procedure with hardly any failure rate if any, has failed for me. That means I have to get the whole thing redone, along with a crown treatment that may or may not make my teeth look bigger. At this point, I am fearing the worst-losing the tooth. As the doctor explained all the possibilities and confused me like no book in microelectronics could, I struggled to stay calm. And I did. Wiped off two sorry tears.
The only reassurance I was looking for was that I’d look the same, and it was the only one I didn’t get.

And I know that the knee-jerk reaction whenever you get wronged is to sue. But I am not thinking about that. I am not interested in getting compensation for the fact that I could look like Bugs Bunny and noone will ever ever be interested in being with me EVER. Yes, you will tell me not whine, you will tell me suck it up because there is some poor kid out there who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. But I feel bad, because I am petty and shallow like that. And because I’ve never had dental trouble before. ever. Whatchagonnadoaboutit?

In any case, I’ve decided to get busy, read a lot and cultivate a rather interesting personality.
I call it Plan B.


5 thoughts on “I’m not driving anymore

  1. Oh, i so hate the fcat that people tell me, i’m shallow too. If i complain about my weight, if i say anything about having a pimple and guilt trip you with that next meal thingie, no siree…i tell them…someone has to look sexy and i’m just doing my job. So kindly bear with the shallowness too.chill out! People like us make the world a better place. To look at that is. lol!!Jokes apart, i love your blog!

  2. people who fail / cease to love themselves, find the ones who do shallow…My dentist messed up my extractions and i subjected her to the worst kind of punitive measures and dated her for 2 years. and you sound in pain…a toothache i can understand but dont sweat too much about a root canal gone wrong. it won’t do you any harm…spychologically or topographically…though cultivating an interesting personality and reading is a good thing. which i know that you already do. read that is… 😛

  3. Casa- Plans are afoot.Kitsch- I love that you put it that simply in plain English.. ;)And the Juice is honored that you like the Juice. giggle.Harjee- It’s the front tooth..due to an accident I had last month. Pretty shitty eh?And you dated her to take revenge?..that’s kinda harsh punishment for a dental faux pas…giggle!

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