I had mentioned before on this space about a popular Indian website that patronised me and tried to convince me to start a “parallel” blog on their website. I was decent enough not to mention their name, but they leave me no choice, and here’s why.

This website is Sulekha. Despite my NOT having given them permission, they went ahead and created a parallel blog for me anyway. Why even ask?

The blog was called “JuiceDropz”. Now this is retarded. This blog isn’t about drops of JUICE!
Drops of Jupiter is a song- my favorite song. EVER. I am not DROPZ OF JUICE!
The title symbolises gossip, what’s hot… i.e. what is hot in the life of MOI… do you get it, you retards?
Calling me juicedropz just shows how irritatingly idiotic you can be and why I DO NOT WANT TO BE LINKED ON YOUR SORRY-ASS WEBSITE!

After having my sensibilities offended as I saw the “confirmation email” upon the successful creation of my blog- juicedropz.sulekha.com, I shot off emails to all the email IDs I could find @sulekha.com asking for the prompt removal of the offensive website.

They responded in the affirmative. And I thought that was the end of it.

But this morning, I received an email from a commentator who had posted a comment on my parallel blog. Shocked and utterly scandalised, I went on to check sulekha.com and whaddayaknow?

There is ANOTHER url with all my posts! And a profile of me too. Reader, you might be interested in this… it is very new information. Hell even I didnt know this.

Contributor: Dropz
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Marital Status: Single

The contributor is “Dropz” with the disgusting “Z” no less. The dipshits have taken the liberty of truncating my monicker without even bothering to understand what it means. Fine, don’t understand, but have the common decency to check with me? Ah, therein lies the flaw. Given that this whole exercise is being AGAINST my wishes, who cares what the monicker is.

Did you know I was from Chennai? I didn’t! Have you ever read anything on Juice remotely connected with Chennai? No?

And I don’t remember choosing my marital status from a drop-down box- I could be divorced, engaged, on a break…whatever translates to “not married”.. how dare they advertise me like that!

The thing that bothers me the most is that I have already refused twice and somehow my refusal is calmly ignored. Can they read English? Yes? Can they understand this simple statement?


Here’s the thing people, I don’t shamelessly promote myself on my blog. You will NEVER see me hyperlinking a previous post, never see a post that has less to do with me and more to do with readership and you will never see me lie, exaggerate, yes but..

But this is an exception. This is plagiarism and theft of my intellectual property. Whatever these posts are about and however crappy they are, Juice is about me, my life, my shoes, my career, my family, my loves, my crappy poetry, my victories, my scandals and my failures. Juice is by a true-blue Bombay girl, with a superiority complex, making it big or at least trying to.

Juice may or may not be read by 1000 people, Juice may or may not get 80 comments a post, Juice may or may not be socially relevant- but nothing, and I mean NOTHING warrants that Juice be blatantly plagiarised and used on a rubbish, disrespectful website to generate readership and ad revenue.

So dear reader, if you can help me stop them from ripping off my blog content, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks dears.

P.S. Now the Jups is fuming mad, and is off to skip lunch and buy herself a pair of shoes.
P.P.S. Muchas gracias in advance if you do decide to help me. Muax Muax.


30 thoughts on “LEAVE ME ALONE!

  1. That is pathetic!!!I hate the mindsets of such people who resort to these measures when the ordinary doesent work for them.Let’s see what a hacker friend of mine can do with their site. πŸ˜‰

  2. I understand the pain. Be thankful that it isn’t someone doing straight out piracy and plagarism. I had an old and very extensive blog, which was actually funny. Unfortunately, i found out one day someone (with a great deal more readers than I) was stealing things from my site. I asked him to stop, or at least mention that it’s my work. he replied by giving everyone my email address, declaring that i had changed the dates on my blog backwards so that it didn’t look like i had stolen his things. Needless to say, i was the target of alot of anger.Anyways, the Moral is, people are going to abuse your stuff on the net. Hell, Myspace has a declaration in its terms of use that anything posted, literary or visual, is forever the property of Newscorp and Microsoft. All you can do is stand up with head up high, and then abuse anyone and everyone who is stealing your work. Try writing to blogger and see if they can help? (unlikely).That, or find an administrators email, and explain that you’ll be taking legal action against any web diary supported on Sulekha, and that is hyperlinked to yours. That might put the fear of god into them

  3. Shame on you Sulekha.Sulekha.com is a classic case of an Indian enterprise that does not believe in paying its contributors a dime but instead making money riding on another’s labour. Fols like Sulekha.com cannot come cheaper than this.Maybe you could try and wake up this bloke, Kartik Kannan who calls himself http://www.sulekha.com Channel Head for blogs. He blogs at: http://kartik.sulekha.com I suppose he has got a presence on blogspot too, at: http://katchucrap.blogspot.com/He sports sulekha Ad Network’s ads on his blog on blogspot.Maybe he could shed light on Sulekha.com’s venture of riding freely on another’s labour.Truly Cheapskates.

  4. well.. i got a mail from someone on sulekha sometime ago asking whether they could use stuff from my blog and suchlike… I replied ‘yes’.. Are you sure they haven’t mailed you before?? God knows what they’re going to change my name and stuff to!Btw, I love Keane! Hardly ever mind people who do… I think they’re slightly better than even Coldplay.. πŸ˜‰

  5. SV/SM- You have some “useful” friends.. keep me posted. =)Kitsch- ugh..I hate being branded ..that too wrongly!Harjee- thanks for your help..i know u said no thanks and all but still.Bombay Addict- sigh…I wish..found love, pride and deep-fried chicken though =)kris- That is so much worse than this! How utterly vile of him to do that to you!! ughCasa- Consolation prize ..giggleDinx- Thanks for doing that. I’m sure it will get more attentionAmit- Thanks for the tips, will be shooting off emails soonVijay- Thanks mate.Anon- Thanks. Done.Arnold- I replied in the negative- they had no basis to do what they did. And Keane and Coldplay are my faves!Mahi- Good you didn’t reply

  6. Talk of creating mirror blogs, this is what Kartik Kannan left on the Sepia Mutiny site: kartik kannan on April 6, 2006 09:05 AM Β· Direct link Hi,I am Kartik Kannan at Sulekha.com (www.Sulekha.com) and I’m writing to you about your blog.Before I proceed, let me apologise for this unsolicited comment in your blog. I googled for good Indian blogs and found yours. Ok, now to why am I writing to you? I’m compiling a list of the best writings in Indian blogosphere and showcasing them on Sulekha.com. Sulekha (means ‘good writing’) has been encouraging good writers and showcasing great writing for well over 6 years. I want to include your blog entries on Sulekha by creating a parallel blog for you. By creating a parallel blog on Sulekha Blogs, you can dramatically boost the number of people viewing your posts and commenting on them. To know more click hereCheers,Kartik KannanTeam Sulekha

  7. HeHe most of us have been spammed by Team sulekha and some of us complained and a few selected bloggers even got an apology from one of the Managers responsible for the blogs in Sulekha. Funny to see that they still haven’t given up

  8. welcome to the clubI have sent many mails to this shady character ‘kartik’ from sulekha,still no response the worst part is I cant even log into the so called sulekha blog account ,I have given up. :(good luck with yours.

  9. OMG! I can’t even begin to express how disgusting this whole thing is.. and from a website that’s called Sulekha! Jesus! I was reading the link and the kind of weirdoes in it.. freaking shite! Get a witness protection programme and run, jups.. (Please let me know what I can do, except for never go back to that freaky as shit website.)

  10. hi.. i work in the publishing industry.. and such things happen frequently. Send them a stern mail and point out that you can take legal action against them. dont let them off d hook.

  11. I too had a similar experience but they (it was some txthub website) took it off even before I could express my resentment to them. I had also blogged about it here.

  12. Hi, It looks more like a third person who’s using you and Sulekha. Sulekha allows for anyone to set up blogs and this “mail from Sulekha” can be easily spoofed by someone (some single Dropz from Chennai) to keep up this bogus blog business. Otherwise I can’t think of why an otherwise successful portal that has run for so long would behave in such a muddleheaded fashion. They can easily get into trouble for this and I’m sure they would know it. PS: I’m not affiliated with Sulekha in anyway! I’d written some articles on Sulekha way back when it started in 1998, but stopped after its standards simply nosedived.

  13. Amit- Move to strike- defamation. ;)Abhishek- And I said no, and then this.Wicked Angel- And when you don’t consent, they go ahead and do it anyway! bravo i say!Ganesh- Have them take it down, mail all of them. really.Cowlick- Spreading the word helps, and I guess that’s what I’ll do for now. But come the weekend, and there will be some bad-ass bitching about Sulekha. :PRegular Reader- You flatter me with your monicker, muaxxx!Soumyadip- How cheap!!!! Assholes- down with txthub!Prat- It’s so smug, isnt it?Saurabh- they finally relented I guess, FOR NOW!Sri- Nope, they acknowledged they took the feed…

  14. Nice Blog… and well written.Thanks for stopping by at mine!AnilPS: Have you heard Train’s latest album (I hear the famous track “cab driver?” almost everyday when driving back from work)

  15. OMG…these guys in suleka r desperate and irksome I too got a few mails from suleka “Spam” kannan…and after a polite followed by a harsh reply he has given up now…

  16. Hey., that is a gross violation of copyrights. Check your blogger.com’s terms and conditions to see the copyright under which your blog material is published. And threaten the sulekha.com guys that they are violating copyrights.And., you wont believe it. The first ad on your google adsense column is from ‘sulekha’ πŸ˜›

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