More than words

This post is coming out of a horse’s arse.

Z is for Zoltan

Put your hands together-fist to palm-if you know what I’m saying, or hang your head in shame if you don’t.
That’s the timeless warcry/nerdy call for attention from one of the greatest films ever made- “Dude, Where’s my car?”
You think I’m kidding? watch it and see for yourself, the immense and boundless creativity that is unleashed in the only movie that has ostriches, hot chicks from outer space and stoned dudes who piss in flower-pots. And can we really forget the other immortal dialogues in this movie- “Dude, what does mine say? Sweet! What does mine say? Dude, what does mine say?” and “And then? And then? And then?”
Give it up.

Z is for Zoolander

Any movie with Ben Stiller kicks random ass. Even if he makes a guest appearance as a heavily moustached Mexican news reporter (Anchorman), the movie is bound to kick ass. Can we really compare anything at all to Blue steel or Magnum? Oh how I laughed…

Z is for Zaglossus
A strange and unheard of anteater/echidna family creature that always helped me win those word games where you gotta quip the name that starts with the ending-letter of the previous word.. yaknowwhatimsaying? I’m smarter than the average bear, that’s whatimsaying!

Z is for Zach Braff
His amazing amazing work in Scrubs, his brilliant portrayal of the confused, slightly gay(I think) heterosexual doctor, his gorgeous hair and the way his eyes speak of ten thousand heartbreaks in that scene where Elliot thinks of him as just sex and he thinks of her as so much more and has lit candles and poured wine to tell her how he feels. His eyes say more than the Del Amitri “Tell her this” song in the background. Le Sigh.

Z is for Zips
Because they’re very useful yet very independent, you can’t deny that.
You know that thing, where they decide it’s okay to come undone in oh I don’t know.. fucking middle of Covent Garden and then some hippy stranger guy comes up to you and goes, “Hey Lady, yo fly’s open”?
Yeah they’re so funny, them zips.

Z is for Zardosi, Zari and Zebra prints
Gorgeous ethnic embroidery on gorgeous ethereal blouses and lehengas. Okay so I am planning and designing my wedding outfit in my head without actually having found a man gullible enough to marry me. They’re beautiful, and don’t take my word for it.
Animal prints are back in fashion, so I wanna get me some zebra prints on a nice pair-a pumps.

Z is for Zits
Now there isn’t nearly anything that has a better sense of humour than the humble zit. These beings, with special needs and creamy pus-filled centres, have brilliant timing and they are always with you in your special moments- first dates, convocations, weddings, job interviews- the zit gives you more support than an unemployed boyfriend and is harder to get rid of as well.

Z is for liZard
Yeah I know that doesn’t make sense- suck it. I hate lizards. I am scared shitless of them. I hate that they take possession of my toilet. I can’t stand that. I don’t need to broom-fight with an icky 7cm-long disgustoid of a living being at 7 a.m when the need to pee is that of tearing urgency. I hate that they have the balls to enter MY WARDROBE. I mean, how dare they deface a place of such sanctity. Lizards are inconsiderate, useless and disgusting. The eco-system and my bathroom are better off without them. DOWN WITH LIZARDS!

Z is for Zac Hanson

Who dat? Zac’s the drummer from Hanson. And here’s what I think- Hanson is grossly under-rated, primarily because they all looked like girls in the beginning. As boyband-y as they look, they have a rock core. And some absolute cool songs like “Penny and Me” and let’s not forget “Mmmbop” which sounds kinda daft at the outset but then if you listen really hard…

Z is for Zoron
It’s space-talk for moron. And it’s what Mahi is for making me do this (no offence, my dear trekkie friend) . And it’s what I am for having complied. To the bimbo-mobile!



14 thoughts on “More than words

  1. Not sure if you were being sarcastic. But I seriously think that “Dude, where’s my car” is a great movie.I especially loved the part where the two european dudes are sent to that crazy ‘And then..’-lady chinese restaurant. 🙂 ZOLTAN!

  2. Dinesh- No! I really really love that movie.. I’ve seen it a bajillion times! We’re looking for the continuum transfunctioner!Megha- I could fill a book with my lizard-hatred..ugh..and double ugh.

  3. Hmm..We need to start a fan club then. I’m totally into Orkut these days. May’be I’ll start a community there. I’ll invite you when I do 🙂

  4. OMG, it’s like.. one mind! I can’t even say the word, the name of that creature you hate.I can’t even stand the thought of that thing.. *shudder shudder* Makes me jump in my skin, and the sight of one of those, and my heart sinks to the core of the Earth, and outa nowhere appears an iron fist that grips my throat, and renders me unable to speak. Yeah, I hate them so much. And, even a geico commercial does that to me. So you can tell how often I have these seizures.Trying to think happy thoughts.. I like zoron, I think I’ll start calling people that.

  5. DUDE liZard was SUCH A CHEATCHEATER!But yes..didn’t think you’d do it but you did…next time I’ll give u an X.HA!Zoron Out*ting-a-ling-a-ling*(thats me beaming out)

  6. Speaking of lizards, I was playing this computer game with the standard fare of creepy crawlies late last night when I reached out to pick something up on my table. The next thing I know, one of those beauties leapt from the table (where it was probably snoozing – the room was quite dark) onto my right hand, ran up my hand and arm and went across and down the curtains. The surroundings didnt help much either, not with the dark room, eerie music, worse things on the computer screen etc. I think I screamed the loudest silent shout ever :p-FFF

  7. Dinesh- That would be one orkut group I am definitely in for!Moose- what’s the lizard king? and does he live in my house?Mockingbird- Aloha! Why won’t they just DIE already?Mahi-X eh? Only if you do Q first.. nyaa nyaa nyaa..FFF- I may not have escaped that alive. I once scared half of Bombay with a shriek when a monitor FELL on me from a tree! Oh god..i wont sleep tonight.

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