Do you mind if I play?

Ah, eight years, and that song still kicks ass!

Futbol- we likey. Aufgehts Deutschland!

Futbol music- we totally likey. We also thinkey that the 1998 official Music of the World Cup album was one of THE GREATEST ALBUMS EVER! And it was a birthday present from my darling brother too. Those were the days- the psychotic days when Icebaby and I would scribble out the entire Spanish lyrics to Copa de la vida on the blackboard for no good reason. La vida es competicion…

Anywho, I like the whole idea of soccer- I think soccer is one of those games where actual human talent is a requirement. I don’t think I’d say the same about the Grand Prix, for instance. (Yayy for you, you can sit in a tiny little hole in the car and steer!).. No, soccer- you need brawn baby, big strong legs, speed, agility and the nonchalance to actually grope a crotch here, and trip a leg there and then act like it’s all cool in the name of game. Ole!

In any case, I haven’t gotten the football channel- it’s too expensive. And I haven’t really watched any of the games except for the England- Paraguay one at the bar. Now see, I’d really like to go down to the bar and watch all the games- it’s so much fun that way- but unfortunately, my soccer-crazy friends live in some Godforsaken place and have their own cable so they don’t need to go to the bar.

And I won some money! yowzaaaa… Placed 5 bets yesterday and won 2. Nutty was dear enough to give me the not-really-foolproof tricks of the trade.
Korea-Togo, 2:1… odds 7.5… I made back all my money yesterday. And please, what happened to Brazil? Five goals is too much for you guys?? Morons. Although I’m glad they won.
The whole thing was so funny- I was “watching” the google scoreboard intermittently while smoking up eggplants for dinner and Sex and the City.

Togo 1: One bet riding on it.. not bad..
Togo Red card: …
Korea 1: Lost 2 bets
Korea 2: 74 mins or so ..Win 1 bet
84 mins: 2-1 *refresh*
89 mins: 2-1 *refresh*
90 mins: 2-1!
Jackpot baby!!

Now if only I could make up all the money I lost in the stock market crash last month. Bloody fuckin emerging markets my ass.

Beginner’s luck has to be why I won. There is of course a 99% probability that I will lose whatever I have made yesterday in my bets today, but who cares? If I don’t lose 50$ and a bottle of whisky like I did last time, that’s good enough.

Today’s rookie predictions a la moi…

Tunisia-S.Arabia: 0-1 – odds 10.. hmm..I’ll hedge it with a Tunisian win, just in case.
Germany-Poland: total 5 goals?
Spain-Ukraine… hmm… I think I’ll play safe here.

Do you mind if I play?
Do you mind if I win?
Do you mind if I say…
Ale Ale!


17 thoughts on “Do you mind if I play?

  1. I don’t really follow Sport. I’ve always figured, whats the point of watching it if you can play it. Recently though, I’ve been caught up in My entire country’s chanting and Cheering. See, Australia’s kicking ass in the Qualifying rounds. We beat japan, 3-1, 2 goals in the last 8 minutes. And the entire country seems psyched that we’ll win.Our next match is against Brazil.Then Croatia.Not only that, but 4 players are Yellow Carded, and so our coach is not putting them in against the Brazilian Team….. yeah, You can guess how everyones going to feel.Anyways, Betting, is a tricky business. You’ll always end up loosing something, so the best bets to make, are ones where you loose something you didn’t want in the first place. 1 Dollar bets with friends, are perfect for that. I may not know much about the world, but I know alot about doing stupid things for 1 dollar.Oh and by the way. We all know who’s going to win the Soccer (or football if you’re a traditionalist).Tobago.

  2. Dinesh- I hope you didn’t ..oh god the way Ukraine got butchered just now..I bet 2-1, 3-1 and Ukraine win…sadly none of this happened.:PYou don’t read my posts? I am heartbroken. If not anything, you can learn a lot about music and shoes- two very important aspects of life.Mahi- hahaahah I can totally picture that, I am like that sometimes..hence I add money to the equation 😉 And please.. for Becks.. ANYTHING for Becks!!!The first 5 minutes i stared OPENMOUTHED at Chevshankov (or whatever his name is)..that is one beautiful man, him now!Kris- My friends had money riding on that match… fuckin last 30 seconds of additional time, they scored! what the!I make the silly bets with my brother..and I always win for some reason!Tobago? South Korea man!

  3. Lost money again..I bet on Saudi Arabia winning but Tunisian’s scored in the last minute…I could nearly touch the money and next moment it was gone. Chevshankov U mean Shevchenko

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