Brown girl in the ring

Lilo meet Juice. Juice meet Lilo.
Don’t be fooled by her tutu. She’s a bad-ass. I love her!
All credit to the punkster for finding Lilo and getting her all juiced up. xoxo

It’s supposed to be Friday…I feel fat and ugly. Groannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Here’s the lowdown… yesterday was this colleague’s last day at work. There was gonna be a farewell dinner. And true to my form, I forgot about it Thursday morning. I had greasy greasy hair bunched up in a ponytail.

I had a chicken burger from McDs for lunch. Dinner was cheesy fish and chips. Greasy Greasy food. After a helluva long day, working past 8 p.m and finally having a fried dinner, I ended up looking quite greasy greasy.

At this point I must also point that all my colleagues are terrifically skinny. ALL OF THEM. They are petite, petite like petits fours, they are all very fair, they all have straight hair of more or less the same length, colored more or less the same shade of brown-black. They were all dressed well, I’m not saying I wasn’t, some were wearing blush, others mascara, and I conveniently wasn’t. Interestingly, I suspect one of them has fake lashes- I take devious devious pleasure in knowing that because my lashes- well my lashes are worth murdering for. But that’s besides the point, because you can’t even see lashes in a picture.

Anyway, lonnnng story short- I looked like an anal retentive retard in dire need of facewash and shampoo. And I hate all my snaps, but I particularly despise the ones taken yesterday. Not to mention that my horse-face is like ten times the size of any of their tiny faces.
Somehow I manage to look abominable in all formal events. It’s a gift. NOT. Something about general anal retentiveness of the atmosphere that translates to a constipated expression and greasy hair- I am befuddled.

Certain lines of appropriateness were crossed last evening- details I shall not divulge. Certain lines of political correctness/tact were also crossed when I inadvertently quipped that I was more fun than most. That is not something you wanna say to someone who could potentially cause trouble. I know I’m different, strangely different but that is not something I should have said. What I meant to say was that they were all married, engaged or soon-to-be-engaged and that sometimes it’s hard to make any plans with people like that. Instead I said something along the lines of “They’re bores and I’m not”…
Diplomacy in the face of a disarming voice- not my strongest suit. My ability to make a complete ass of myself beyond redemption, when in conversation with someone insanely attractive is the stuff of legends.

In other news, the delightfully cute bad boy of pop, his hotness Robbie Williams is coming to Singapore this November. I am sooo excited!!!! Why you wonder? Why?
Because Robbie may be a bad-ass but he made “Angels” (one of my favoritest love songs EVER), “She’s the one” and “Let Love be your energy” and that makes him worthy of my eternal respect and adoration. Rock on, Robbie!

I am very pleased to inform you that I have narrowed down some ideas for the Coldplay outfit- these are ideas right now, and depending on how kind the Shopping Gods are, I hope to find them real fast. I shall only divulge colors now, details after procurement is successful.

red and black/white-separates/accessories (Inspiration: Danni Minogue)
white, pink/black/green- separates/accessories (Inspiration:Lilo)
purple/yellow – dress/accessories (Anyone going “Ugh! Yellow” is gonna get socked for his ignorance w.r.t Coldplay.)

In all probability, there shall be no blues (too boring), browns (too formal), all-blacks (too-I-shall-not-be-noticed-by-Chris/too-I-shall-get-lost-in-the-crowd).
Coz I’m a brown girl in the ring, tra-la-la-la..and I look like a sugar in a plum…

Eatyourwords-update: I just splurged on a really exquisite turquoise/teal corset with black lace overlay. Blue is not boring. I am sorry oh god of blue. I shall do an exquisite story to match the exquisiteness of my exquisite top. Right after I stop saying exquisite again. Oops.


11 thoughts on “Brown girl in the ring

  1. OH MY! i LOVE LOVE the new template!!! MEGHAAA I WANT ONE LIKE HERS!*throws a tantrum*a teal corset with black lace!?!thats ONLY TOO BLOODY HARDCORE!! =Dwe need a picture jups!

  2. Zombie- Thanks!Megha- madamoiselle, I owe you a cosmo/whatever you like to celebrate with ;)Mahi- Topshop babe! It’s super hot..Zara and topshop have both launched “evening collections”.. go to, “Shop by–>Tops–>Smart Tops”’s right there, first top! Will upload a pic later:)

  3. nice template. i liked the llok and feel of the earlier one if only you could have solved the readability problem there. the white font was an eye killer…btw, linked you to my page 🙂

  4. I have always wondered why none of those oh-so-perfect-looking colleagues ever blog. It’s only us, the feeling-inadequate-in-our-no-makeup-look cousins, who seem to dominate the world. (And that still doesn’t seem like a good thing) ps: yayyy on the teal corset!

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