Summer time

Excitement is in the air.
I know the trip is two weeks away but my curiosity and my excitement and my predisposition to being incredibly restless are taking my heart and my mind by storm.

The United Arab Emirates beckon- Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman…
The Mall of the Emirates beckons- translation: I will be broke/Amex will build a commerative shrine to moi.
The Radissons by the beach beckons…It’s your run-of-the-mill five star hotel by the beach, and that’s where I’ll be staying in Sharjah. Ooh la la.

Excitement is in the air.
The flatmate and I are planning to play “Designer guys” (the beret wearing interior decor makeover dudes) to our apartment and revamp the hell outta it. We intend to put the P in Pimp and the “Art” in Apartment (Good Lord, I am so clever). We are going for a Japanese style low-height setting with floor seating and low tables and lots of red and green. I hate the fact that my entire apartment has an overriding BEIGE theme. How boring is beige. I think RED is what houses need more of. Doors, walls, carpets- at least a coupla these in each apartment ought to be red. I’m so eager to see the flowery green Arabian carpet that Dad picked out for my apartment. I cannot wait to see it and I also cannot wait to buy a coupla more for my room!

Pre-travel shopping is in the air.
Vacations need packing and planning and money and appropriate clothing. For the hot and spicy middle-eastern holiday, the Jups will be needing-
-conservative, yet stylish clothing
-comfortable shoes for raiding the malls like Alexander the Great, hey I need those gladiator sandals!

I bought a cute lace sleeve black top (very conservative) from Mango. I also finally managed to get that uber-cool pink teeshirt there. It’s a droop neck teeshirt with an entire french restaurant’s menu printed on it. Very chic. I love it.

Booboo called to say that Furla, Mango and Nine West are all having mindblowing sales in Dubai. When asked about price ranges for Furla bags, Booboo politely declined “I can’t. It’s a “ladies shop. So I won’t go in”. Point taken.

Anyway, two more weeks to go. I am crazy excited. Plus we’re throwing a party over the weekend which is gonna kick so much ass!

Ah, summer…and baha men…

Grab your stuff and lets all go outside
Bang your head to this tune in your ride
Leaving all you cares right behind
For the summertime

Everybody’s hyped to feel the vibe
Drinks are in the cooler chilled on ice
Lay back and unwind ’cause Nothing else matters
For the summertime


11 thoughts on “Summer time

  1. Looking forward to see you coming abck with lots and lots of Furla bags. Oh, how i wish i was there!Well, post pictures. Let me enjoy that vicariously.

  2. Me and my roomie have a plan to redo the apartment too. Also japansese-ish… The plan is to get all the clothes off the floor. And maybe wash them.

  3. Kitsch- Ayy!! Sure thing, I can hardly wait myself!Casa- The grand unveiling will be smoking hot!4wd- you make me wanna go Awww and Ewww at the same time.. heheheI want to say “rofl” but since floor isn’t too clean… umm.. giggle?Zombie- In due time,dear!

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