Tears and rain

Today is Independence day in the Yoo Ess of Aye.

Today is the second anniversary of the worst night of my life- the day I broke my meta tarsal bone, same bone as Becks by the way.

Today I spent 5 hours in two different hospitals, none of which were remotely pleasant.
The dentist re-did my root canal, discovered a crack in the root, advised extraction. I managed to stay calm.
The dentist erroneously sawed my tooth off angularly in a failed attempt to trim it. I lost it. I tried to reason with him, I said “Doctor, it looks lopsided…it doesn’t look right…”…he dismissed me.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the girl who cried too much in a dental clinic without tissue.

I cried and cried and cried. And then some. It wasn’t about the pain. I have a *mighty* threshold for pain. It was fear, fear of uggo-land.
I told the nurses that there was no way in hell I was gonna leave the clinic looking like a lopsided freak, that I was gonna holiday in a week’s time and there was no way my parents would see me like that. (not to mention there was no fucking way I would go to the Coldplay concert looking like that!!)

Then I frantically called Adrian. I told him to get to the hospital as soon as he could. And he did.

They took me to another dentist, a young plump bloke.
“Okay, how can I help you today?”
*Sinks into chair* “Myteethdon’tlookrightandIhavetogoonholidayinaweekandIcantlooklikethisand sob sob sob booohooooohooooooooo”

He calmed me down and fixed the damn tooth. I came out of the clinic and soaked Adrian’s shirt with tears.
“Do you know it’s 4th of July today?”
“Today is the second anniversary of the day I broke my leg and it went undetected”
“And today they discovered that my dental fracture went undetected”

I felt a little better (read less tears) as I walked out to the main lobby. Until I saw this poor little kid who was like 2 or 3 years old and had his entire lower body in a plaster cast being pushed around in a trolley by this guy.
And then I felt like an utter shit and I bawled myself silly again. I know it’s cliched, but the kid looked so much worse off than me, and I am NEVER that kinda person!

And that’s not the end of it. I dragged myself down to another clinic to get tested for HIV and TB for my stupid work pass admin schmadmin whateva. That took a good two hours. Showed up late to work and have been sneezing since I entered.

I smell like a dental clinic.

P.S. It’s raining heavily in Bombay!


9 thoughts on “Tears and rain

  1. Awww Jups!! That sounds so painful! *Hugs* *Hugs* *Hugs*My sister is getting dental work for 2 root canals & 14 fillings today so she might feel a bit pissed at the dentist too…Chin up girl!

  2. Jups, you’ve been very brave thru the whole ordeal, and always kept your chin up, and I really admire that about you :)Which is why I’m sure you’ll get thru this too 🙂

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