99 problems

If you value sanity, you will not read this. Forewarned is four-armed? *stupidied expression*

I am having the worst morning ever. Groann. Go away man, just go away- I need Oxygen.

Here I am sitting with my cheap I mean free pantry coffee- 2 shots coffee, 2 shots sugar, 5 shots creamer and I realise this- I don’t have feel guilty about that expensive furla wallet because it costs exactly the same as the amount I saved on 1 month by sacrificing my expensive Starbucks lattes and machiatos. Oh my God, that was a totally random thought wasn’t it?

I am never taking a train at peak hour again. I remembered why I hate taking the train so much now. I haven’t been in a train at peak hour for about a year and a half now. And it was just obnoxious. And did I mention it was obnoxious? Standing in whatever little space there is, perched up in a strange posture that is sending shooting pains in your feet; and the pumps aren’t obviously helping. And let’s just factor in the fact that you just got your period and you’re ummm, slightly giddy? And let’s not forget that the periods, them social animals are always accompanied by manic diarrhoea, epic cramps and niagara-nose. I swear to God, I don’t know how I managed to not puke on the person standing next to me.

And why in the name of all that’s sensible did I take the train? Aaaachooo! Excusez moi.
Because I was calling for a cab for a whole hour before that with no luck whatsoever. You can’t even get luxury if you’re willing to shell out the dough. I had to be at the medical centre to pick up my lab results at 830. I was late by a whole hour. The good news is that I don’t have AIDS or TB. Pshawwwww like I didn’t know already. 😛

Okay enough of the early morning grossness. Let’s talk happy sunshiney things even though it’s raining as heavily as MJ’s plastic surgery.

I’ve started pre-vacation shopping- two tees for dad. Next on the list – xbox games and Harley D merchandise for Booboo. I also did something else that I never ever do on time. Are you ready for this? I started packing!! I am still shortlisting the fifteen or so outfits (and matching shoes) I’ll need for the trip and that’s a mighty pain but hey someone’s gotta do it. I’ll need loads of tops, what with dubai’s heat and the fact I don’t wanna look the same in all the photoes.
I have even made a to-do spreadsheet which I named “ToFu” by mistake. Hey! that reminds me, I need headbands… in case you didn’t know, headbands are in again. Yipee!

I’m back from lunch now and man was it fun!! I zipped through an egg mayo croissant and then shuffled off to Aldo, picked up a watch there, then I went to Swatch to change batteries on my two swatches and then I went to Senza and bought like a ton of lingerie. They say variety is the vice of life, I mean spice. Saturday I am off to the Zara sale and M&S. I wish I could get paid to shop- ya know there are people who do right?

Gosh I am so mindfucked right now. But it’s exciting… and hey, I figure ANY day that you can get by with having a tooth sawed off is good enough!

p.s: know someplace I can get affordable chic headbands? Aldo ones are like 20$, that’s 1/5th of a Burberry headband- puhleeze! Oh no, now I’m thinking of Burberry headbands…this does not bode well.


7 thoughts on “99 problems

  1. Jups, do post the pic of the beautiful furla wallet. And yeah, i always wonder if there is a job where i get paid to go shopping. I heard theres one tho’. Personal Shoppers! How’s that for an alternative career?

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