Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do,
Yeah they were all yellow

11 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. ugghhhh lucky jups!!!while i was away in melbourne, getting drunk, getting hit on, having good food and doing some mad shopping, you were watching coldplay, lucky cow!!!!=D*mahi runs away fast*

  2. clint- oh hell yeah!AJ- There’s more baby, lemme get out of this stupid dialup..i promise!Kitsch- I wish, they made sure none of that would happen =(Punkster- that’s the idea 😉 especialy with a picture like that!Wendelin- yeah, thanks babe!Mahi- *Jups sticks her tongue out to mahi as she jetsets off to dubai the next morning :P*casa- oh my words fail me..jhantu- coldplay ain’t a chick type band dude!

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