hot in herre

There are several great ways to enjoy a holiday. Developing high fever, puking, spitting blood and sneezing loads are not included in these.

That being said, sicknesses notwithstanding, Jups had a swellll time in the United Arab Emirates, which is basically the land of hot Arab men, sales galore and generally hotness since the damn temperature is at a floor-is-capable-of-making-omlette fifty-odd degrees.

Upon landing at around midnight, my hopeless stewardess informs us “Baahar ka taapmaan 32 degrees celcius hai”
Translation: step out side and be toast.

The heat is at a totally what-the-fuck level and as someone pointed out “it’s like getting whipped in the face with a hot towel” (more about this someone later). In deeply disturbing contrast, inside temperates everywhere are at Tundra-type what-the-fuck levels.

Between the two, the Jups suffered a terrible case of laringitis (or however that is spelt), boiling fever and all other useless physical ailments that tag along with such conditions. Needless to say, I look completely pallid and washed out in my pictures.

The Mina A’salaam however, does not. This hotel is constructed to elicit “OH MY GOD” responses from the elitest of the elite. Built like a fortress, it is huge and has a oasis and an artificial lake within the hotel and shopping alleys (modelled along the lines of Moroccan streets) that sell curios, carpets and what-have-you. Dad got me a glee-inducing Moroccan earthern candlestick- it is beautiful. The Burj Al Arab is nearby but is dwarfed by the ancient stylised fort-palace that is the Mina. The old and the new stand surprisingly close to each other in startling contrast.

After much consideration and much ignorance, i.e. bad feedback and lack of planning (not having made reservations in advance), high tea at the Burj al Arab did not work out. But I must say, I would prefer the Mina A’salaam anyday.

Spent a night at Abu Dhabi as well, where I saw the Emirates palace- another de la luxe hotel that charges a whopping 4000 dhs a night. (I didn’t stay there!)

And now, for the shopping update-
My mom has become extra fashion forward and wasted no time in pimping the hell outta my fashion sense. She let me buy several lacy/shimmery tops, tops I wouldn’t dream of buying with her standing outside the trial room. As for shoes- well.. I only bought one pair (coral flower trimmed leather mules), but I sponsored two more for mom and grandma. In any case, I lost my mojo for shopping after the throat pain set in.

I so wanna upload pictures but this stupid dialup can only do so much. To be continued.

P.S. Don’t ask me how the Coldplay concert was. I am not worthy. *Wipes away tears*


10 thoughts on “hot in herre

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  2. Did you go for the sand dunes tour? Its awesome!And did you go up the Burj to the helipad level? You can see the palm tree islands being built from there šŸ™‚

  3. tragicomix- aiyy.. no way man..mahi- coming soon to a blog near you ;)Veen- No.. were too busy shopping and it was crazy hot so dune tours could be done only at night and..well.. we were too pooped from shopping ;)Casa- Now I am!

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