Welcome to Generation Perversion

Where in the name of open-mindedness anything goes,
Where nothing’s considered a vice,
Pornography is just another multi-billion dollar industry
And two strippers is twice as nice.

Where brides can be found on mail order catalogues,
Where commitophobes can find an open-minded relationship,
Married men get laid in Bangkok,
And lust can ruin a good friendship.

Where like pizza, you can dial-a-hooker,
Home delivery no less,
Watch your drink or you might get date-raped
For a woman is the sum total of legs, ass and breasts.

Where your boyfriend could be recording you,
Where the camera-phone might be a curse,
Where crusty men photograph little children,
And others do much worse.

Welcome to Generation Perversion,
You will always feel so fine
Making excuses to sully morality,
Tell me, where will you draw the line?

Sometimes, it takes more balls to stand up for what’s right.
Sometimes, it takes more balls to go against the “Cool”
Being a spectator doesn’t stop the crime.
Say No for a change.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.


15 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. As someone who knows what you are alluding to, let me just say that it was not as bad as you think it was. Nothing happened really.your friend is still as moral/immoral as he was the day before.

  2. //And really, how bad is bad? I want to know how low these so called standards are.Don’t know how to answer to that..But, I’ll tell you this. Whatever that happened is a classic case of Abilene Paradox. Nobody is being a pervert and all that.

  3. Dinesh, In that case, I’m sure the mothers and sisters girlfriends and fiancees of the accused wouldn’t mind. After all, that is a very convincing explanation.It is also a very good defence for gang rape, what say?

  4. Very clever. Appealing to emotions and not to logic :PIn that case, I’m sure the mothers and sisters girlfriends and fiancees of the accused wouldn’t mind. After all, that is a very convincing explanation.I can’t speak to the emotional reactions from girlfriends/fiancees/mom/sister. I was simply trying to explain why things happened the way they did.//It is also a very good defence for gang rape, what say? I was not defending the act itself. I was defending against your conclusion that the person is a pervert based on that act. So, while Abilene paradox is not a defense for gang rape, it can help explain how there maybe have been no real intent in the minds of any of the rapists. Ofcourse, the act itself is morally & legally wrong.

  5. Dinesh,Don’t mock me just to defend a lame cause. My conclusion is that the acts I have mentioned ARE WRONG. Whatever paradoxes or paradigms you use to defend them, they are wrong.And as for rape, how can you talk about intent? It’s a malicious and wicked deed, and the damage is done!! How dare you say that there was no real intent? I am so sick of men making excuses to treat men like dirt.Do you think it makes the victim feel any less violated knowing that the bastard who penetrated her against her will HAD NO REAL INTENT? How can you even think like this?Just because Im a woman doesnt mean every argument I have is ruled by emotions. The sexual deviances in the poem and real and malicious.

  6. I knew this was coming. See, whatever I mentioned was based on cold logic. Ofcourse, rape is a despicable act and yes, it is improbable that there was no intent on the mind of a rapist.Anyway, I simply wanted to tell you that you are making too big a deal out of what happened. I never wanted to claim whatever we did was right.Sorry if I came off that way.

  7. Dinesh,I just hope a scumbag lawyer doesn’t use this shitty paradox to defend some vermin rapist.One more excuse …this one’s up there with “she was drunk”, “she was asleep” and “she has bad character”… kudoes to men everywhere. You find newer and newer reasons for sticking your dicks in places they don’t neccessarily belong.And the poem speaks of more. I hope people can see that, regardless of what the stimulus may have been. Honestly, where do we draw the line?

  8. it is sickening to think that we actually live in a world that’s getting progressively devoid of integrity , morals and ethics…!and did u write tht poem urself…?it sure speaks volumes….!

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