fast love

Today’s a blissful friday, which is a bit of a rarity these days. Today’s blissful inspite of my biological clock throwing me for a loop.

And my dear gal Sharon literally squeezed me in for a pedicure during lunch hour. One hour of the nail care ritual, topped off with purple Sparitual i.e. one hour of pure feelgoodery later I am on top of the world in my pretty feet perched on my pretty blue and bronze stilettos that match my bluejeanvaqueros cinched with a black belt that matches my black top coordinated with black and gold earrings which in turn sets off the gold and pink silk strap on my new watch. Oh-kay!

Right. And I grabbed a delicious Santa Fe burger for lunch after that. And it was delicious, with melty, peppery, tangy cheese. Yummalicious.

I didn’t have much work today so I set out reading. Reading crappy blogs written by crappy people who are faking entire lives and distinct identities on the web for the tittilation of their readers. And that all fuck. And reading about music, which I do a lot.

I was trying to find the song set that Coldplay sang the other night. I wanted to keep that song set with me for some reason. Finally I found it.

Set List:-
Square One *Yayy!
Politik *OMG!
Speed Of Sound *Yayy!
God Put A Smile On Your Face *sway like you mean it
What If *sigh
How You See The World
White Shadows
The Scientist *swooon!
Till Kingdom Come (written by Johnny Cash)
Ring Of Fire
Trouble *swoon
Clocks *

Swallowed In The Sea *swoon
In My Place *swoon
Fix You *swoon

Anywho, I found a lot of websites on coldplay and tons of reviews of the concert itself. And I am quite cheesed off. People have slammed the audience saying we were too boring and too disciplined. Well fuck you. I was in the damn mosh pit and when Adrian lifted me up on his shoulders, the damn security guards asked me to step down. Same happened to some tween kids as well. It’s not the audience’s fault if the security folks have sticks up their butts. And Chris himself said “If you folks are like this on a Monday night, I wonder what you’ll be like on Saturday!”

After which I stumbled upon listener reviews of X & Y on Amazon. What the fuck? Why is every U2 fan feeling so compelled to compare Coldplay to U2 and write the former off? What’s the logic? Here’s the thing, naysayers. Coldplay isn’t playing rock music to knock your socks off. Coldplay is playing music to touch your soul. At least that’s what it does to me. I am so offended by the comparisons.
Frankly, apart from the English channel and the semblance of a conscience, the bands share very little between them, as far as music is concerned.

I am loving Ronan Keating’s new video filmed at and around the Burj Al Arab. I feel “one” with the singer’s taste that he chose to film himself riding a beautiful black horse along the powder-white sands of Jumeirah. Le sigh. I have even managed to forgive him for actually covering Iris.

The weekend shall be busy busy busy. Moving stuff, cleaning stuff, arranging stuff.

Furniture comes in, furniture goes out, hopefully not on its own. Teehee.


4 thoughts on “fast love

  1. pffft i dont care if he covered iris. ronan keating is hot.the man can do no wrong in my eyes.i LIKE his version of iris. you moving?? to that yummy place?? the one with lots of yummy people??i think the real and only spoiler at concerts here are the security people..those dudes take their jobs waaaay too seriously

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