Now that she’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of jupiter in her hair!

I changed my hair can’t you tell?
dont you think it’s pretty as hell?
I know I know, I’m frikkin cute!
Looking good is my strongest suit.

Why sms when you can just as easily call?
My expectations aren’t that tall,
Of course I hope you exercise no thrift,
When you buy me that superfantastic gift.

Ask me my age, I’ll certainly lie…
Tell me I’m old and I’ll certainly cry,
I know I’m almost an old fart
But wrinkles notwithstanding, I’m young at heart!

My own party, I’ll be fashionably late
So kindly check in your egos at the gate,
And pander selflessly to mine,
While I pay for you to wine and dine.

New clothes, watch, shoes-I look perfect,
I’ll hate you for it if you forget,
For nice presents, brownie points you’ll get
From this material-girl-bachelorette.

Glittering eyeshadow and shimmering dust,
I will make you love and lust,
Lose yourself in my eyes if you must,
Dahling, I know I’m fabulous!

This rhyme, I know, is damn silly
So come along, and laugh with me
It’s a lovely august day,
What can I say
besides, Happy Birthday to me!

It’s good to be in love with yourself. That’s one relationship that never fails to disappoint.

A toast…. to me… whether you come to the party or not.


13 thoughts on “Now that she’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of jupiter in her hair!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYthat mail i sent you…it was actually your birthday present…i just…kinda forgot to write happy birthday in it*blush*you know you’re my girl!-hug-all the best for the future babe!

  2. Happy birthday Jupes….Its jus me , an anonymous reader of ur blogs….i was going through ur archives, Aug 11, 2005 and i realised its ur b’day today. So jus stopped by.I like ur blog cuz i actually felt ok with being an intelligent but fond-of-shoes-makeup-cosmetics-gurl.Would have left my name, but my identity falls in none of the categories.Happy Birthday again!*clink*

  3. happy birthday! after inserting it into my msn nick, it must have popped up atleast 100 times today! and i am with you in spirit my dear, the vodka is waiting ;o)

  4. Mahi- A Chris Martin song in my email? You da woman! And I haven’t listened to it yet, mostly coz I wasn’t home ..tee hee.. but tonight it is! fo sho!Anon- Thank you anon, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being THAT girl :DWhat categories did you mean?*clink* and yes, my bday is on the 10th.Kitsch- Thanks! No, but I bought pink pumps :DAJ- Muax muax… this bday has been full of surprises, including your little handle surprise šŸ™‚

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