travel to romantis

I took the wrong bus today, ran in my purple pumps for half a mile to the correct bus-stop and changed three buses to get to work. It was not the best day to forget to spritz oneself with perfume. In my defense, I was too drowsy from the stupid drugs that I have to take to cure my perenial throat infection.
My stomach has a terrible case of the heebidie-jeebies thanks to the Korean food I had on Saturday night.
There is a shooting acute pain in my shins, and I have no clue why.
I have two bank accounts, that 10.86 and 23.31 $ in them.

I think it’s practically hilarious that I can’t even afford a take-away pizza with my current cash flow, let alone an MBA degree- speaking of which I have finally resumed my studies.

And I now officially suck at official GMAT math. I’ll tell you why.
“Marta bought 23-cent and 21-cent pencils for a total of 130 cents. How many of each type did she buy?”
This motherfucking question in TWO variables can apparently be solved with one equation. How? How you ask? By trial and fucking error. My answersheet now reads

207. C. X B you stupid!

So here’s a question-
I bought $257.38 mary-janes and $159.89 espadrilles at a total of $5679.89.
Why don’t you show me how to solve THAT by trial and error eh? Fucking smartasses! Are your brains filled with lard?

Honestly, I am sucking so much at probability (which I used to be so good at, that I tutored and made money out of it). I think my job is dumbifying me. I’m turning into an inflatable plastic doll. A cute doll but a doll nonetheless. I’m getting scared shitless about taking this test, so I haven’t even bothered registering for a date yet.

The shocking pain of realising that I’m a dumass notwithstanding, the weekend was really pleasant.

I stayed in on Friday night (loser!) and fried up a HUGE batch of babycorn nibblets in peppery mozzarella cheese batter. It was delicious. Thank you.
I saw a chickflick after a really long time. My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It was completely stupid, but having said that, I also happen to know some men I’d like to hurl a fully-grown Great White Shark at. Yes you there!

In other administration news, Jups needs to visit the High Commission to have her passport renewed. Miscellaneous immigrations officers (like the Zayed Khan lookalike at Dubai airport) have stamped over all her blue pages and she has no more left for when she embarks on future escapades with her toyboys.
The High Comm here takes only 7 days to renew a passport and I cannot be more impressed! Of course, the application form will take me a dozen days to fill up completely and correctly, but all the same, I feel really good about signing underneath where it says “I solemnly affirm that I owe allegiance to the sovereignity and integrity of India.”

And on that very patriotic note, I shall sign off. Happy Independence Day, in advance!
Here’s hoping for a better, more glorious India where women may some day walk without being eve-teased, politicians may work for the people and tax laws won’t suffocate the middle-class!


7 thoughts on “travel to romantis

  1. Hehehe Jups. I can solve that question by Trial And Error. Divide 5679.89 by 257.38, and around it down to get X. Then times 257.38 by X, and then X-1, X-2, X-3 ect ect… untill you get a number that is divisible by 159.89.Ha! TRIAL AND ERROR!And now, I have proven I know too much about maths, Time to either shoot me or label me as an awesome nerd king. And I’ll teach the nerds and the geeks the ways of wooing women. And dressing nicely. And use their brains to take over the world MWAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhem. Anyways. 7 days for a passport is awesome. Australia tends to take about 4 weeks at least, and even then its a pain. Passport photo’s must be perfect, you have to have someone else with a passport come and sign the form for you IN PERSON AT THE OFFICE. Took me ages to get mine. But then again, I rarely use it.As for your Job dumbing you down, I had that happen with school. Being put in the lower grade classes to “enrich the other students lives” ended up changing my grades to worse marks, and even affecting the way I think and act. I still have the occasional “your mum” joke lurking in my psyche. You’ll find that exercising anything makes it stronger. Your muscles, obviously. Your brain, needs to be worked to grow better and even keep in shape. Repeditiveness tends to lead to looser grasp and slower functioning. Emotions to. The more you love, the more you can love in turn. Start stretching and running all aspects of yourself. Leads to a better you.Throat infections? pains on the ankles? God damn. You need to stop all this being sick.And I should end this comment before it becomes longer than your actual post. Guess i’m an old rambling man Tonight. Take care of yourself J.

  2. *blink blink at math questions*moving on(can u tell i hate math? unless it involves me receiving or spending money)doesnt the indian embassy suck ass? how they keep making u go back and fill up YET another form.bah.dont get me started on embassies.i feel a vein starting to throb

  3. Kris- That method definitely makes should I just kill myself now? Now be nice and say that the method you suggested is not practical in a timed test with 50 questions okay?And you got demoted to enrich other kids? WHY! That is an aweful thing! Screw those other kids..who cares?Mahi- Dunno if you’re an Indian national or not, but their service is soooo fast! Maybe you’ve just had shoddy luck eh ? heheheIm hating math as well now..Dreamcatcher- Thanks :)debo- thanks a lot 🙂 system may be flawed but then I don’t wanna get screwed over 😉

  4. No, its definately Not practical. I just saw a way i could do it and thats a way you could if you had time to spare.and as far as demoted, that sort of thing happens in the great big land of Oz. Our board of Studies realises that if you mix high mark students with low mark students the marks, on average, rises even if the origional high mark student falls individually. More or less, Australian Education department sucks.

  5. Here’s hoping for a better, more glorious India where women may some day walk without being eve-teased, politicians may work for the people and tax laws won’t suffocate the middle-classaye aye to that!

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