Is it any wonder?

a little cold,
a little betrayed,
a whole lot fresher,
some part decayed…

a little happy,
a little hollow,
so much peace
in exchange for sorrow…

a little bit of hope,
bittersweet as it is
wasn’t the fairest trade
but I settled for this…

a little to forget,
a little to forgive,
a whole lot to remember,
reminisce and relive…


9 thoughts on “Is it any wonder?

  1. I love finding old things on the computer or around my Room. Although I tend to find anything nice has a strong sentimental attachment that would either stop me showing it because it’ll degrade its worth, or because It hurts me in some regard.That, And i have judgement issues. Heaven forbid that people give me anything but praise 😉

  2. Its me you’ve written abt jups…its me…. 😦 I’m a lil cold a li’l betrayed….a lil to forget a lil to forgive and a whole lot to remember……and no im not into palgiarism but do u mind if i put up this poem or extracts of it (crediting it to u ofcourse) on my blog….? please feel free to say no.. 🙂

  3. Kris-sometimes I find things that make me cry =(i know what you mean about worth, that’s why I could never write the sweetest things that have ever been said to me.. i guess theyd lose their worth!Ex-me- Im flattered =) please go right ahead…it’s for anyone who’s experienced that kinda whirlwind of emotions..and then come back to square one..

  4. Well, like everything else, this too, shall pass. Very soon, it will become just a number on the calendar. You cant be sad for some else’s stupidity forever, can you?

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