I am not sure about buying these Lonely Planet books. A lonely person in a lonely train carrying a Lonely Planet just screams for attention. So I didn’t buy it. Yet. But I gotta admit I am intrigued by these travel guide books- Rough Guide, Frommer’s, Let’s go, etc- I’d much like to know which of these is good for someone like me. I saw Zara’s FW catalogue and I am officially ga-ga over the sheer gorgeousness of the overcoats. I am definitely buying one for my trip. One new overcoat wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

Contrary to popular belief, I am not looking up websites about Europe. I am looking up European jigsaw puzzle super-brands. Yeah, I try very hard to keep the geek hidden but I am a puzzle geek. In fact, dare I even say it, I’m a puzzler. For your information, Puzzler is spelt u-n-c-o-o-l. The good news is that I stumbled upon this stunning, vivid set called the Ethnic collection- paintings of scenes and sceneries from all over the world- Africa, the Middle East, South America, India…I can’t wait to make them my own.

The apartment is starting to look like a model home for a puzzle shop’s ad campaign and what’s worse, I’m getting other people in the vicinity addicted to it as well. At this point, there is more stuff to be hung around the house than there are nails to hang them on- Aforementioned “stuff” has something to do with either disney or jigsaws or both. Could I be geekier?

The weekend swung from gross to classy to gross to good to depressing.

Gross – Snakes on a plane.. oh sweet Lord, what were they thinking? The movie sets new standards for grossness with extreme close-ups of PUS. Nuff said.
Classy- Went to the opening of an understated and beautiful art exhibition with installations by Zaha Hadid. It was quite a lovely way to spend Saturday morning, i.e. by staying awake.
Gross- Got violently drunk on saturday night with friends, got completely brash and loud and utterly obnoxious. Not a proud moment.
Good- Hawked stuff for the spca
Depressing-Studied for the damned exam that’s giving me sleepless nights. Scored a shitty score yet again. Dumb and Dumber.

Depressing is not a good note to end your weekend on. The good news is that during lunch, I was able to get me one of those lovely necklaces a la the ones Anne H wears in The Devil Wears Prada.

A temporary smile has been achieved.


4 thoughts on “Smile

  1. You’re forgetting the greatest of all European Jig-saw. Lego. The puzzle toy of millions, that has no predestined design. And as for your apartment.. you need to get the jigsaw furnature. And there is such things. Find it. Buy it. Play with it.Oh, and its nice to see you balanced your saturday, with Art Culture and then Yeast Culture. Art exhibitions are always great to go too, but I find that i end up having to put up with pretentious Art critics, who can’t just appreciate asthetics and have to mull over concept. Stupid Sydney and its “culture”.and Huzzah! Snakes on a Plane! However gross, was hilarious. How can you deny the hilarity? HOW? But it was a very tasteless movie.

  2. I was talking about being a puzzle geek to my friends over the weekend, and they corrected me by saying I’m a puzzle nerd. Apparently there’s nothing geeky about puzzles. It is wonly nerdy. Sigh.

  3. Kris- Lego was my pet passion back in the day (the goo goo ga ga days)..I loved it!yeast culture and art culture- you’re a genius mate! keekeekeeeThe last line says it all- blatantly and unabashedly tasteless movie eyesHarjee- Hey I read your post :)Casa- Actually, it just hit me too..

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