Ain’t no other man

Attention ( aa-ton-si-own): This is a shameless, gutless ego trip. Feel free to judge, I’ll try to care.

I believe that for every woman, there are two types of men- the ones that find her hot, and the ones that find her not. The same holds for me too.

I believe that the men I work with all belong to the latter category. For what it’s worth, it helps me work better. Tarkan’s in another continent, so he doesn’t count, plus he’s a dimwit.

As I have mentioned several times (okay, once) before, my office is choc-full of hot women, or should I say ten-times-hotter-than-me women. Seriously, I can safely and truthfully say I am the worst looking, the shortest and the fattest and the one with the most unruly hair.

Which makes the following incident very interesting *ego trip begins*

We have this little grid sheet on our desks with our names and extensions written… Jups X1234, Some other guy X7890, etc…it helps because it’s a large team and screaming across the floor isn’t very cute.

And there’s this guy, Smokey- he’s the office funny man, he sends out the most hilarious team emails and is generally a riot. He’s an artist too, sketches really well. So he changed the grid by putting little cute round girl and boy faces to each name. All the girls had pig-tails and all the boys had short hair. Very cute.

But we insisted that it wasn’t personalised enough, especially cos the short-haired girls had pig-tails and the bespectacled men had no spectacles… yadda yadda..blah blah.

Yesterday morning I was at the pantry getting my daily dose of free morning caffeine, when HotChick says to me “Have you seen the new grid?”
“No. Why? Did he change it?”
“You better not be holding your drink while looking at it”

He did change it. We all got personalised cartoons, namesakes and pictures. The smokers got the cigarettes. Hugo got the Mini (cos he drives one). One girl got the China flag.
And now for the scandales.

Petite Little Thing got a thong.
PLT 2 got a cartoon of a lecherous woman with drool oozing out of her mouth.
And Jups got a voluptuous woman in a string bikini and thong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not, I sputtered in shock. It was like having a cardiac arrest for breakfast. I think it’s WonderWoman in a bikini. I am scandalised, or at least I was, but everyone is so good-humoured about it, I thought I might as well take it as a compliment!

PLT: “Whoaaaa, you really got the besst wan aa”
Me: *nervous laugh* “Yeah? How come you got a thong?”
PLT:”Ask Smokey” *blush blush*

I wasn’t gonna ask him anything.

This morning, some of the girls are asking for changes. Especially the ones that got boring stuff like flowers and shit. Hugo asked for a toon of Mr.Bean, Hotchick asked for that hilarious piggy whatsherface (with a nip slip no less).

The PLTs and I have done no such thing.

We don’t interfere with comic genius and more importantly, we like our thongs.

*ego trip doesn’t end. it never does*

P.S. My new nickname in the office is Wonder Woman.


9 thoughts on “Ain’t no other man

  1. Hahaha. Cartoon Awesomeness, to be sure. I like drawing cartoons, sketches and all that (mainly, because I find it harder to draw cartoons than real life). ANd when you can draw something like that, of someone, they always appreciate it. They like the over exageration of their qualities, bad or good. They like seeing themselves as if they were on some little TV show. Jessica, a friend of mine, loves to death being in my occasional comic. Makes her feel special, yeah?And its always nice to know people think nicely of you. Even if that is strong bikini and wonderwoman pose. Speaking of this all, send/tell me something you’d like me to draw. I’ve been asking for requests, as my creative brain seems to have shut down and I can’t come up with You’re buying a laso.

  2. Kris- I’ve been mourning the stagnation of your comic blog for a while’s about time no? When is the swamp thing’s next misadventure?And I saw Jessica’s cartoon does make one feel special…Ideas..hmm not to worry not to fear, the wonder woman with her wonderful ideas is here!

  3. Oh, I gave up on the actually Comic Blog. I realised its Just far easier to post everything in the run-tun-tumble on my actual blog, and anyone whos actually interested may see it.And hey, I’ll draw a cartoon about you Jups, should i ever get the energy to remember, draw, make it funny, scan it, photoshop it, upload it, and then post it. Just too much effort sometimes, wish i could hire a slave to do it for mne.

  4. AJ- See? I don’t know abt this designer dude.. becaue I cant read your blog at work, please lah, for me.. make Alleviate/Aggrevate PG viewable..Kris- 😛 Do what you have to but get it done… the good news is you won’t need photoshop, what with me being perfect and all ;)Harjee- Omg hahahahha I would be totally mortified!

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