90% of my insurance claim was apparently approved and credited to my account in the month of May.

I have verified this with the bank and the insurance people, and beyond a shred of doubt, the money was put in.

However I have no recollection of this money whatsoever. I don’t recall saying “wait a minute, there’s an extra thousand dollars in my account and I have no idea where it came from!”

Does it mean that I got a neat chunk of money in my account and it went unnoticed, undetected? that I spent a huge amount of money UNKNOWINGLY? That all my brilliant bank account management tactics that include billing, loans, rent, shopping, transfers, investments, fixed deposits, etc etc accurately to the cent are not accurate at all?

It’s just not funny. My money really doesn’t go a very long way. What does this mean? I am utterly stupefied.

P.S. You should know that I just purchased this absolutely adorable luscious empire-waisted grey silk dress yesterday. This dress, and more importantly the Jups in this dress is gorgeousness itself. I would post a picture of myself, but I couldn’t figure out how to transfer photos from the phone to the computer. *bimbo moment*

P.P.S. What? I need to look good..the Europeans do not approve of sloppy dressers!

Update: And then she went out and bought another dress- this time a grey blue wrap dress that is simply too flattering to be legal.


13 thoughts on “ka-ching

  1. silk dress… yummm!!! I’d simply love a dress that would instantly transform me into a sexy siren.. but it seems the only dresses that look good on me are the summery, chiffon kinds.. basically the ones that flow and don’t accentuate the curves.. I’ve looked at at least a 100 dresses since spring arrived in melbourne.. and am still to find something that suits me. ps: i once apparently got 2500 bucks from tax returns that I have no recollection of. I called the tax agents to blow them up about taking months to put the money into my bank.. and they said, “but madam.. we credited the money at least 20 days ago.” *sigh*

  2. type in your email add… you can do it while pressing on to your # sign on the phone. It will change to alphabets.. then send it. And you know how to take it from there don’t you? It will get through. Try.

  3. babes some phones can send mms’ to email addresses..that option should be there when u select an option as to where to send the mms too…if ure using starhub ull have to activate ure gee services…call 1633good LORD.i am SUCH a technogeek.

  4. Cowlick- Ah, so I am not alone! Yayy! And hey, the whole seasons being upside down in Oz is crazy.. it’s FW collections everywhere sistah! Mango and Zara are quite lovely.. check em out.. I know satin’s a bit unforgiving on curves and all but heck Ill take a deep breath :)Anon-Hey Im sidetracking but do you know how to type a “+” in a moto phone? I just can’t figure it out! Okay I got the photo in through USB btw.Casa- and then waht? not realise it’s there and then spend it and then feel dumb about it?? GAHHH! Okay Im game!Mahi- Waa waa waaa.. Im on singtel .. anyway I transferred em using good ol USB cable.. 😉 But Im being all shy to upload :-S How?

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