good conversation

Interesting things have been happening. Minor little day-to-day occurrences that give this narcissistic Leon woman enough horse-power to keep her smiling all day…

It all started Friday night. I was perfectly happy to not do anything, so I went back home and made myself some yummy cheese and vegetable sandwiches. I ate them with pesto and grilled red pepper dip on the side, while watching the last four episodes of Sex and the City. I cried copiously for each episode and I have to say I was thoroughly enjoying my lip smacking, simple dinner while lounging around in shorts.

But bootless bob called at 11 and insisted that I join him for drinks. I am not one to be pricey so I took a quick shower and got dressed. I always wear blue when I feel like chilling so I wore a blue tube babydoll with a large blue flower under the bust, with good ol blue jeans and blue/bronze stilettos. Accessorised with blue/bronze earrings and a blue beaded Indian necklace.

Anyhoo I was out the door at 1130, and into a cab. We went three disappointing bars- one that had closed down for good, one where I was the only non-hooker, and one where there were a grand total of 5 people. I thought the night was going downhill until we went to the next place.
Now this place was nice.. tiny and full of expats of all races and colors, mostly bankers. (Not that I care for bankers). And one drunk British chick who kept kissing me, taking my picture, saying “You’re gorgeous hon, and I mean that..Muax”. Very embarrassing.

I then got introduced to a really good-looking Kiwi guy. And I’m not just saying that.. he’s in the IT industry but he models part-time and has been featured in some magazines lately. He’s into sports a lot and he’s modelled for some sports brands before. So yes, throughout the conversation there was a screaming voice at the back of my head “THIS GUY’S A MODEL DAMNNIT!”
Honestly I didn’t think he’d be talking to me too long, so to give him the opportunity to run away, I went to the loo. But when I returned, he was still peering and waiting for me. Okay… this is weird. Anyway, we talked all night until 430 about all kinds of things. I normally never meet smart guys who can talk about work (theirs or mine) and studies and travel. I normally also never meet guys who share my love for “Dude where’s my car”.. before you know it.. we’re both going “Dude what does mine say?” “And then?” “And then?”
Somewhere in between, we both ended up making snide remarks about couples who were getting jiggy wit it in the bar. In any case, we didn’t do that, but we weren’t formal either. We didn’t exchange numbers, we didn’t do the “We should catch up again sometime” dance. *Shrugs*
Then I went home. As did he. It’s nice to not have an agenda, nay?

Tuesday, I went to work in a flaming red shirt and a white skirt, my cream Furla bag and white suede shoes. *Insert obvious jokes about all the flags I resembled* I did have an incredibly bad hair day which got progressively worse. I got off the bus at my place with bags of heavy groceries and as I normally do, placed all the bags down at the bus-stop to give me a moment to collect myself. God I hate this part of grocery shopping- it’s my greatest fear that one day my bag will rip, releasing scores of tomatoes all over the bus.

Enter cute Chinese guy. He was dressed casually punk, wore an onyx ring and carried a sling bag. I thought he was a student. He gave me a strange look before getting off the bus, and then..

“Hi, I noticed you on the bus this morning.. can I help you with some of those?”
I am not used to this kinda thing and for a minute I did feel like that cliched old lady they tell you to help in primary school textbooks. Nonetheless,
“Ohh! uhh..okay sure..they’re not very heavy.. they’re just.. uhh…”
Yeah.. they’re just ‘uhhh’ apparently. Geez.

Anyway we talked a little- he’s just moved in last month, he’s been in Oz for the longest time and is here now for two years. Then he says,
“I work in video games, hence the *gestures to his body* casual outfit”
Now is that cute or what?
“My brother would love you”
That didn’t come out right, but I hope he got what I meant. I should have talked to him a little more but I hated the idea of him going out of his way to carry my bags, so I let him off (not without telling him my name, of course) . Plus I’m shy like that (especially at the end of the day).

Pleasant surprises are fun. What? You were expecting a moral of the story?


9 thoughts on “good conversation

  1. Moral of the story: Jups is emmiting some stange hormone that’s causing only cute guys to go a bit goofy over her.Solution: We put Jups inside a giant glass dome, which is airtight, so alas they can see her but won’t be able to smell, and thus not affected by Jups’s enticing scent.Anyways, its always good to know you’re getting attention. Its a nice little boost to the ego for me when I get smiles and/or women jumping on me in the middle of the street. Admitably, i knew this girl, but damn did it scare the nuns…….

  2. Kris- If I knew a prince, I’d jump on him too 😉 tee hee.. and this bottled person thing has a deja vu feel… umm..there must have a music video along those lines..there was.. i just cant remember it.Simmi- Blame the evening.. I was looking sooo terrible and tired :(Casa, Aristera- Okay Okay!! :PCass- Giggle.. I’m shy lah.. I can cheong aa, but cannot talk to boys.. heeeeeeeee

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