When the going gets tough

I have some awesome news. Ralph Lauren has announced its decision to stop using fur in their designs for ethical reasons. I think it’s a great sign! You don’t have to bludgeon animals to death and skin them alive to stay warm or look cool. RL always was a class act but they’ve taken it a notch higher with this gesture. I wish all labels were as classy as good ol’ RL. As a token of support, I shall buy myself a RL shirt for Christmas. (I don’t have a single RL shirt! I’m always buying other people RLs and I never bought one for myself. WTF!)

Anyway, I woke up this morning at 630 and worked on my essays. Haven’t woken up this early in ages. I went to work listening to Boyzone’s version of “When the going gets tough”. Now I love Billy Ocean. He brings up fond memories of silver jackets and sweet victories, but that is a story for another day. Even though it’s a song about winning love, it’s really a song about knowing that you’re gonna win and that’s what makes it such a kickass song..

The weekend was not dull or lonely or drunk or fun. It was a putrid mix of everything. It exhausting to the point of being excrutiating. And I ‘excrutiated’ two more souls, took them down with me.

Went to a girly party.
Went to club st and new asia bar
Drank a little.
Got groped.
Got judged by a stranger.
Did my essays.
Had friends help me with essays.
Got a facial allergy.
Skipped dinner two nights.
Skipped breakfast/lunch once.
Went to le baroque dressed like a geek
Got my hair ironed.
Got my picture ruined.
Got help in getting a better picture.
Was asked if I was American
Got insulted for being Indian.
Got demeaned for looking different.
Got called a young, immature girl.
Intentionally fished for intellect-related compliments
Got compliments for the straight hair.
Had dinner.

Every week consistently, at least 3 people say horrible, nasty things about me to my face. Alarming? Hurtful? Amusing? I can’t make up my mind yet. But one thing’s fo sho.

Life is exciting. There is so much drama! I have found things to lose sleep over, skip meals over, cry over. Not all of them are good things, but some of them are great things.

I have another costume party next week. I am gonna be Poison Ivy.

…..the tough get rough, hey hey hey hey hey hey!


12 thoughts on “When the going gets tough

  1. Hehe…go RL!!! That’s so true with me too – I buy the polos for EVERYONE but myself and just recently got myself 2 in the Aussie colours (one green and one yellow – nice and bright). Dunno why people would mean things….bad day? bad week? bad life?? Ooh..nice Poison Ivy will suit you… 😀

  2. Casa- :)cos it’s brutally honest?EU- :)Urbanpro- Thanks 🙂 Given it’s Uma Thurman, that is one mighty big compliment!Jhantu- oh there are more usually..Silvara- I want the one with the Humungous RL logo..it’s quite hard to find and there sends out a really mixed message ya know!bad life..nice ;)and thanks

  3. hi there jups..ive been inactive on blogger for quite long. so i kinda read 4-5 of ur posts right now the going is kinda tough for me right now and has been since a while now and somehow whenever i read what u write ,it lifts my spirits in some sort of inexplicable way.i can relate to u on many levels…and well when i read what u write it , ur practicality and pragmatism and sarcasm and humour kinda rubs onto me…and makes me feel better about my own situation n problems.Thanks.

  4. You know, when ever someone bitches about me, which happens more often than you would believe, i tell myself, people not liking me is the only way i know i am that good & proceed to think of nasty replies. Love the attitude! Focus on the positive & f the negative!

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