Like a virgin

These days, I need a weekend to recuperate from all the shit I’m upto on my weekends. Seriously. Which is not to say that I didn’t have a great weekend!

My weekend kinda started on Thursday night itself with the rocking party we had. First time partying on a boat! Poison Ivy got a lotta attention, and she truly loved it. It made the gross looking red wig worth its while. After the boat docked at 1130, the ones among us (Neo, Austin Powers and Poison Ivy) who couldn’t get enough went out to Attica. The DJ was really good!

Friday was completely haggard- I didn’t slept a wink on Thursday. I zombied my way through the day, ran away from office an hour early and slept until 1030 at night. Missed dinner but the night was young and I had a date.

A date with three totally cute boys! How? The very hilarious and very fabulous Androjane was in town with his peeps! Pssttt… don’t tell anyone but he is totally fibbing about being fat! He is really tall, slim and cute and I’m not just saying that because he was sweet enough to get me giftwrapped berry flavoured bubble gum! Carnie and Teks are totally cute too. Plus Carnie scores points for his German and French smooth-talking. Lord knows I love a boi who speaks in a foreign tongue.

So I met the boys late that night at Mox- a very retro-esque non-smoking bar/cafe. It’s not very crowded, has cute decor and is completely hooker-free. Translation: I approve. We had a coupla drinks there and I was quite surprised at how easy it was to talk to them. Jups was revealing her deepest, filthiest secrets within two sips of GnT. Pretty soon, we were at Taboo-an insanely crowded bar full of people who love dancing. The music was very likeable- mainstream music on trance beats or Trance Light as I call it. Surprisingly, smoking was allowed on the dance floor. I know this because I got torched by a ciggie. I got to dance with heaps of cute men, it’s not everyday (understatement) that you find men who can actually dance. See, you may not know this but there is a difference between dancing (something that takes rhythm into account) and violently spasming in public. The boys and I then went to my favorite afterhours rotiprata place and hogged. Then they were sweet enough to drop me home.

Saturday- Woke up late, had lunch with a friend at 3 in the afternoon and joined my workmates for a barbeque at a chalet by the beach. First time at a chalet. Pretty neat, eh? I don’t know how many animals worth of sausages, satay sticks and whathaveyou I ingested. The food was good, we played some card games and before you know it was 1130. My only sore point is that we were all supposed to buy gifts for each other and I didn’t get a present. So I’m out 80 bucks and I didn’t get the things I put on my wishlist. Keane’s latest CD, Jamie Oliver’s cookbook or a DVD of The Devil wears Prada… and I get what? NOTHING! And you know I have never actually made a real wishlist before. They have crapped all over my Christmas spirit.

I then joined some friends with the intention of going dancing. But that pretty much fell flat because we headed down to BarNone. With no due respect, the ex-cool bar with the great band is now hooker paradise with bad Queen covers and ugly women without bras. It’s Insomnia with cover charge. I understand that much to my grimace, I have to tolerate the flesh trade. But can’t there be designated places for this that I can AVOID? Why does it have to be in my face? Why does it have to dance next to me? I’m offended. Note to bad bands: Please stop butchering Queen. If I have to hear one more loser croon ‘We will rock you’ just because hey, it always gets the crowd going, I swear I will have to stuff my stiletto straight into your mouth. It’s always the same substandard lowrent crap!

Thankfully Sunday was blissful. I overslept and missed my shopping date with AJ, Carnie and Teks (sorry dahlings!). So I stayed in, cooked lunch and chatted with some girlfriends. Casa and I cooked and had dinner together whilst exchanging rants about why the universe is filled with fools. Slept really late.

And that is it for now. You know the drill…Mondays suck and all that.


6 thoughts on “Like a virgin

  1. It was a fabulous friday night, wasntit? Wheee I still giggle when I think how much fun we had! Come down to KL one day and we’ll party just as hard!!

  2. Ohhh…FUN!!! I had forgotten what hat was like until now…slowly getting back into the social game after exams! I was like :O when you mentioned Bar None…heheh we have one here in Melbourne too! but it’s actually good 😀

  3. I have to begin, Gin and Tonic? Why oh Why? its a terrible drink. I’d rather suck on an exhaust pipe, or eat a box of hair.And as far as clubs and the like goes, In sydney there are the terrible ones you avoid, but even the good ones have their bad weekends. The Havanna Delux seems to be a 50% chance of being awesome and 50% chance of being filled with Hookers or pre-teenies who are hitting the town being “grown up”.There’s also a BarNone in Sydney, but I’ve only been as one of the regular workers is a Gilted Lover (alas, her fault, not mine, I remain purehearted :P).Oh, and why are there so many fools in the Universe

  4. Casa- Cannot cannot cannot! It’s gone down the gutter!Megha- hehe.. even if you did, they’d never fit you.. i have the tiniest feet ;)AJ- You and your cute giggling..I am so gonna come to KL!Silvara- I am also destressing after all that essay writing..Barnone used to be good..oh well.Kris- I never met an alcoholic drink I didn’t like..I hope I never run into PREteens, I feel old enough already!(the fools are there to make us look good.. )

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