gimme! gimme! gimme!

I wrote this horrible mindless dung yesterday morning…

*begin rant*

You know how sometimes you wanna verbalise every single stupid thought? Yeah this is one of those exhausting times.

I know they say you can never have enough money, but I swear to God I don’t have enough money right now. I am inadequately compensated in relation to my expenditure pattern. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I am so good at

I’m in a fix. Well not really, most people would say “Dumb ho! You call that a problem?”

Anyway, I need more clothes. Somewhere out there, my mom is probably twitching “that girl of mine is upto no good” but hey I think it’s her fault. That’s right, blame the parents. Shopaholicism is heriditary. My entire family is infected. If you don’t believe that, then believe this. Normally if I can’t choose between two things, I buy both. That day in Amsterdam, my mom TOLD me to buy both pairs of shoes I tried. In your face!

So where was I? Ah yes, new clothes. Formals to be precise. My party wardrobe is pretty extensive, not that I couldn’t do with more. But generally this year I’ve bought some very expensive and very unique party clothes. I have a special outfit for new year’s too- this brown satin cowl-neck tunic with a back made entirely of brown lace with golden butterflies. It’s not everyone’s thang- but I sure as hell can pull it off. (It’s Italian, like a lot of my European purchases)

But you get bored of formal wear, ya know? You wear them once or twice a month at least and then it gets boring, routine and zzzzz. And it’s expensive too! Local brands are too easily obtainable and I can’t be walking around bumping into women dressed exactly like me. YUCK.
Now I noticed some extremely beautiful shirts at Zara this season- especially this one purple printed silk shirt- Very Emilio Pucci. Too Pucci to be true, in fact. Then I discovered that they go for a mere 24 euroes in europe but at 76 sgd in Singapore. What the fuck kind of exchange rate is that? I can’t be knowingly conned. Not yet. My point is, if you’re in Europe and you’re reading this and you’re making a trip to Singapore anytime soon, umm.. call me. I have an errand for you.

So I’ve been planning to order shirts online through this beautiful British brand whose shirt I purchased over two years ago (and still looks gorgeous). They’re running a promotion so I’d have to buy three. No problem there, except that that also translates to a lot of money. 3 shirts, 3*cost, 3* exchange rate. I’ll be screwed 9 times over.

And even though salary day is barely three days away (Joy to the world! I can finally eat!), I’m not sure it’s prudent for me to blow money away on shirts. I should be spending it on bags and shoes. *makes mental note about need to buy bags*

I’m joking, idiot. I should be saving, or applying to more b-schools. Those applications don’t come free. Did I tell you I’m getting completely shafted with these essays? All these essays on leadership. Geez. I mean if I was leading a country into battle or eradicating poverty in my community or even leading a team of 30 consultants into a bidding war, do you really think I’d need an MBA? Don’t answer that. Stupid applications making me feel all small and inconsequential. It’s gotten so depressing that I’m eliminating schools based on how irrelevant their essays are to my life. “We believe that leadership is cutting your competitors’ balls off. Substantiate.” Uhhhhhh. I’m an optimist?

I have also realised, much to my displeasure, that I cannot make any travel plans for the next 8-10 months. Can’t afford it. It’s gonna be a loooong wait.

I’ve got another party tomorrow but thankfully it’s not a costume party. This time it’s a boathouse, not a boat. It will however be painfully boring- you know- hold a drink in your hands, nibble on some cold crummy finger food and nod to whatever some bloke is blabbering type boring.

This is turning into a rant and I’m not even in a foul mood. Yawn. I’m bored.

*end rant*

I didn’t have the gall to publish it because during lunch I went shopping. And then after work I went shopping again. You don’t have to state the obvious, I already know.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I think I’m looking very pretty today. I bought a rich purple coloured tube top and a beautiful black ruffled jacket. It is too pretty for words. And the ruffles just go perfectly with my curly brown hair. The jacket is cinched with a big belt and fastened with a pretty black rose brooch. I’m wearing the tube and the jacket with grey checkered (with purple pink checks) trousers (with pockets) from Mango and purple earrings and black suede pumps with purple-pink trim.

And as I said before, all of that makes me look very pretty today. Pretty poor too, but happy thoughts, honey..think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts like how you intentionally and gutlessly ignored Rabbit at the lift lobby. That’s right. You know he was looking at you. Who’s Rabbit? Do I know you Mr. Rabbit? La la la…scamper away you, shoo.

Now if you excuse me, I have some work stuff to botch up before I strut into the party tonight. Toodles.

[project: count the pretties, pinks and purples in the paragraphs above]


4 thoughts on “gimme! gimme! gimme!

  1. Ok please excuse the girly squealing about to follow but I can’t help it – OMG! I know how you feel!!! My bank account has been gathering dust for a while and with silly season hitting – I’m panicking – so many things to buy – so little time!! And, ahem, the zero-cash problem. BUT, I do have an emergency resource known as the Beloved who kindly gives up his credit card to me when I do really need it πŸ˜› I’m going shopping 2moro!! Yay….can’t wait. *drool*

  2. Dudette! I have a three point agenda for you to answer – 1) Where do you work?2) How is even the company surviving after paying you to buy all the stuff while you dream of buying more stuff in work time?2) Where do you keep all this stuff? (I mean don’t you run out of closet space?)

  3. Silvara- Good Lord.. you use HIS credit card?!!!Happy shopping anyway! :)Urbanpro-1) Can’t tell ya ;)2) They pay me pittance, I spend all of it!3)Yes, unfortch, that is a problem I’m still trying to work the solution too. The washing machine room is now a shoe-room; there are big rattan baskets to store my handbags and my wardrobe..umm..

  4. Yes…Only because I haven’t been trusted enough to get one of my own….EVERYONE knows my spending habits. when I get an actual job and am not some uni bum then it’s gonna be the first thing I do πŸ˜€

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