Blame it on the weatherman

What is it about rain that makes you plunge into introspection?
I remember a time when the rain was only associated with one emotion. Totally grin-faced glee.

Now it’s complicated. You can’t just go out and get yourself drenched just because you feel like it. Well you can, but not without spending a moment or an hour worrying about your makeup or your hair or whether the security guards will stare at you or whether the driver of a passing van will hoot at you or whether you’ll catch a horrid flu and miss work for a day. Don’t you wish you were young again just for the thrill of getting soaked in July’s first shower?

Now it’s depressing. You don’t see the clean, cool water or hear the pitter patter. You see the grey sky with the dark clouds. You see yourself in your apartment alone, though not necessarily lonely. You think, you contemplate, you sulk. It’s a grim, solitary world, you say.
You reach your arms out of the bars of the window. You don’t want to get wet, instead you reminisce about the times that you did. Like the time you cycled all around some little island in the pouring rain, throwing caution to the wind, white crepe shirt notwithstanding, only to hurtle downhill and finally crash on some stones. It was still fun anyway.

It isn’t supposed to be depressing. It isn’t supposed to make you fret over being late or being wet for work. It isn’t supposed to make you worry about your laundry. It is rain for God’s sake. And it is time for some totally grin-faced glee. So you can’t have a snowy Christmas, have a rainy one instead. Go forth and get wet.

I’ll tell you what prompted this.. something of a long-lost memory, only more tangible, something mother-of-pearl, something sparkly, something tiny. You know what they say about butterflies and chaos…


11 thoughts on “Blame it on the weatherman

  1. i know!! more thing i add to the list of worries is how shoes and clothes get messed up and muddy in the slushy roads.. 😦 totally spoils the mood of the moment.. :-/

  2. Nice…I actually hate the rain in winter because of all the above mentioned things but funny how ones gets to grudgingly loving it when one is warm and cozy inside 😀 I love summer rain though, the heat, the sweat, the grey thunder clouds and distant flashes of lightning and then just warm rain. Like the song that has been totally destroyed into a remix (like any good old song) – Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle.We need more rain here in Aus – we going through a drought 😦 And so there are water restrictions which means I don’t even have the pleasure of soaking myself with a hose 😦

  3. Ninja- Yeah, it’s been really grey!Don’t you dare be zipping around splashing demure ladies with muddy water!Sayesha- Why thank you madamoiselle/soon-to-be madame! ;)Di- Thank God there aren’t any muddy slushy roads in Singapore. You can only get wet. =)Anon- A lot of unrelated things can result in the same effect..Mockingbird- :)Silvara-Water restrictions? Draught? Gosh! How horrendous!Singapore’s having epic rains man! We even had micro-landslides 😉

  4. Great read! :)I just cant decide whether I love rainy days or loathe themSometimes they are gloomy and depressing! sometimes refreshing and romanctic!!And speaking of memories, don’t we all have those special things that bring back all kinds of memories??For me each song has a memory attached to it!

  5. it’s always raining here, it’s the norm :(Cold rain, not the warm gentle rain that pleases you as it touches your skin. Nope this is the harsh rain that hit’s your skin hard 😦

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