Under the sea

Published retroactively,

I want to kill someone. Make it stop! this is ridiculous. TWO WHOLE DAYS OF NO INTERNET ACCESS AT WORK? How can I live like this? I have a mean headache from all this boredom.
I am so fucking bored. IM BORED.Ill cut you on my CHOPPING BORED. im bored. I am CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED. I need some bored-eux. You dig?

Anyway, the reason for this catastrophic failure was the earthquake in Taiwan that caused the major fuckup-ation (word #791) of some undersea cables. Which ended up shafting my workday. As you might have guessed, Google and Blogger are quite crucial to my sanity and therefore my productivity. For instance, it is driving me nuts right that I can’t google the lyrics to White wedding, knowing fully well that white wedding is a song with all of three lines, “Hey little sister..something something..It’s anice day for White wedding *scream*”
Anyway my first response to this news was

I’m an engineer and all, but hey you gotta take a minute to digest this. All my internet comes from some HUGE cable under the sea? *Undah the sea, Undah the sea, dahling it’s bettah down where it’s wettah, take it from me* I thought my connection was wireless! How fat are these cables? Are they big enough for me to stroll around inside them?
And what are all these cables doing in Taiwan? Why Taiwan?
Isn’t that a lot of leverage for such a tiny country? I can hold casa’s sensibilities hostage by forgetting to pay the internet bill three months in a row. Just imagine what would happen if someone pissed Taiwan off.

I am picturing this a fat guy with a HUGE axe (Or a guillotine, whatever you like) going “Oh yeah? uh-1, uh-2, uh-123!” And lights out.

Okay no more jokes. Seriously, please don’t cut my cables, I beg of you.

I’ve been shopping a lot too, I don’t know why because I don’t end buying the things I need anyway. I bought one more shirt, which looks uncannily like a cross between a waitress uniform and a candy striper’s dress. It’s cute and unintentionally naughty. Which means I feel awkward and conscious when I’m wearing it, which happens to be right now. Finally, I ended up ordering those beautiful british shirts I was telling you about- two lilacs and one fuschia. Vewwy Pwetty.
Why you ask? Well, because I told my mom about it and she said oh they’re so pretty. And that’s basically why I spent money on shirts I won’t even need next year if I end up in school again.

I need shoes to go with my New Year’s eve outfit and I don’t know what to get or where. Golden stilettos is what I need. And I don’t think I have any suitable shoes in my closet. I have this one pair I bought in Europe, but I broke it. So unless I get that fixed, I’ll have to go with the leopard print stilettos which are a complete and total bitch to walk in.

I don’t think I have enough shoes right now. There still isn’t ONE measly patent leather shoe in my closet, immensely disappointing I know.

Also I am still bored. SCREEEEEEK.


6 thoughts on “Under the sea

  1. Gold!I share thy pain!A day at office without net conn… aargh!!It was music tht kept me goin during those awful days!@Taiwan ko itna bhav dena: I do agree! Is this the reason CHina wants Taiwan so badly?? hmmmmm

  2. hehe, gotta love Billy Idol to pick you up on days like this. I quite like W.wedding, its a cut above scream and rebel yell..and i think it goes “hey little sister, what have you done…” etc. in fact, scream has this line with “lemon pie” in it which makes me drool for lemon meringue at odd hours. Right. talk about random thoughts when commenting.as for being bored – muahahahaa. no web access and you’re an engineer? how about *gasp* doing some _work_ for a change ;)?

  3. Strider- negative points for trying to score gold, silver, etc. positive points for making politically inappropriate joke. LOL.TAP- I love it. Did you watch Toby Rand’s version? he was so hot! I know the lyrics..but every Hey little sister is followed by a different question..hence something something. And I’m not an engineer by profession, just qualification :)Casa- But you’re a good girl who pays everything on time!

  4. Mmmm, any earthquake in SE Asia will have the same effect. Most of the fibres run in the same duct^Wpipe, or really close by, AFAIK.Hopefully, we can get the gory details at Bali.Yes, I do this kind of stuff for a living (or would, if I changed my current employer).

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