Someday out of the blue

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… (timeless cliche of the day)

Some people have new years. Some have new-clear holocausts. And I’m not just talking about those horrific blasts in Thailand.

The weekend was fun-filled and I had the guts to do a lot of daring things and wear a lot of daring clothes. Good riddance to 2006-you will not be missed. Finally a new year is here. I believe 2007 is filled with uncertainties.
Two years ago I resolved to quit biting nails. I did. Two years before that, I resolved to lose weight. I did. Last year I resolved to invest all my savings. I did exactly that. Basically I have a 100% success rate at keeping resolutions.

This new year, I resolve to:

Save money…
I need to consider some serious stinging, money-crunching and budgeting to fork out the 8000 Β£ deposit for b-school (in the faint hope that I get in). I am nowhere close to this amount given that my savings haven’t increased even a cent since the first quarter of 2006. So this new year, I shall endeavour to save a third of my monthly salary (or thereabouts). I shall try to invest more carefully and pray that the markets don’t fuck me over. I shall stop giving people expensive presents. Friends of Jups, expect some mighty cheap, oops I mean, truly personal presents like hand made cards, bad poems and coloured seashells.

Lose a little weight (preferably without starvation or physical effort)

Okay I love my body and all, but the whale blubber has GOT.TO.GO.

Get a new job/Get into B-School

My mental stability hinges on the prospect of a job that doesn’t make me eat my body weight in icecream/choclate/cheese/other saturated fats. My economic equilibrium hinges of the hope of a job that pays me more than I can spend. I don’t spend much-I just have too many liabilities. I need a job that can make my liabilities go poof! Oh and I need to get into B-school. Somehow. Someway. I’ll do whatever it takes and kill whoever it takes to make sure I do.

Be nicer

I need to remember to not forget birthdays. I need to stop zoning out when people bore me with redundant details (although I am afraid this habit might never go away). I want to stop hinting to people very obviously that I think they are stone-dumb. Okay I don’t think that’s gonna go away either. So basically, I need to remember birthdays.

A toast, my dears, to a brand new year of fashionable attire, high-flying careers, delightful food and wine, sound bodies, good hair-days, blissful weekends, lasting friendships and even spiritual bliss, if time permits…

…and chocolate.


10 thoughts on “Someday out of the blue

  1. When you say invest, if you mean invest in shoes/clothes, I am sure you will do that!Just kidding! Happy New Year. May it bring you all that you wish for. πŸ™‚

  2. Mockingbird- Happy new year! Glug glugUrbanpro- *struggles to keep serious face and then bursts out laughing* Hehehe, damn you! and Happy new year!TAP- Happity new year to you too!Punkster- Perhaps it’s an allergic response to stupidity? πŸ˜‰

  3. i never believed in new year resolutions.. everyday is the beginning of the rest of your life.. and things change too fast for an annual update now.. all the best with the b schools apps..

  4. Lets drink to that kid…might I add that your deconstruction of the average desi wide-boy was masterful?…not original mind, but masterfulThe GMAT’s a piece of cake…seriously…you will be fine..

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