comfortably numb

It’s past midnight and I should be in bed right now but I feel an overpowering desire to write/rant. I had a terrible boiling hot fever on Sunday night and had to take a sickie today. Stupid tonsils keep flaring up every few months and they bring with their abnormality the usual fever, loss of voice, body ache and other classic pain-in-the-ass flu symptoms. I’ve avoided sleeping the whole day and watched movies instead. I’m feeling better.

I watched Office Space with my lunch and I loved it so much. Tee had recommended it to a long time ago-Tee and I are so…what’s the word? What’s weird is that Tee was online at the same time and I missed him because of the damn movie! So I smsed the bloke and he came online just to chat with me. Pleasant surprise. He’s such a darling friend. Speaking of surprises, AJ also called tonight just to catch up. Over this weekend, I’ve seen The Big Lebowski (second time), The Royal Tenenbaums, Monty Python and Harold and Kumar…

Other than that, the extended weekend has been mostly rubbishy (I think rubbishy should be recognised as a word, don’t you?). I went out partaying with four girlfriends on Friday night. My self-esteem took a complete pounding because I was the shortest among the lot (fyi heels don’t help if everyone’s wearing them) and definitely fatter than all four of them put together. And I have huge hair. Sometimes being different isn’t a good thing- being different can just as easily mean you’re a freak and a fat one at that. I’m having an ugly phase. I think I look revolting. It will pass, I know that, but for now it’s just a bitch. Yeah, it’s pretty difficult for me to admit this sort of shit, but hey whatchagonna do? Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.

Needless to say, I don’t intend to really change the situation. I could get my hair straightened tomorrow and lose a few kilos by giving up carbs, fats, proteins with a diet of lettuce and water but that’s just not the kinda girl Drops of Jupiter is. Notice how I completely ignored the possibility of losing weight through exercise? I’m lazy. Bite me.

I was supposed to go to the gym today, I won some kind of pathetic two week trial membership and lo and behold, I picked today to get sick. And my periods had to begin today just so I could agonising cramps to the equation.

Whatever. I’m done complaining. I’m being so pathetic that even I can’t sympathize with myself. Lowest of lows, I say.


5 thoughts on “comfortably numb

  1. Hear you girl…! I think for me it’s summer when everyone decks out in their teeniest of clothes and I struggle to hide my abs of flab behind unflattering outfits. Yech..over it and so have started a routine. A good brisk walk everyday and a bike ride. Plus my other routine which is a chocolate a day 😛 It helps so I have heard lol. Illness and monthly bloating will not help either so just cheer up 🙂 It’ll be over soon…

  2. Silvara-So funny! I used to go to the gym when I was 16, and eat two piping hot samosas right after. I was still far skinnier back then!Casa- *wails*Cass- Awww.. spooky no? And hey, didn’t hear from you after that are things?Ninja- What a horrible thought!

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